Friday, 21 June 2019

Fitted for a new girdle

Yesterday was an experience, a nerve wracking experience but not unpleasant.

I set off from home to go and do my drop off of the report that I had been commissioned to carry out and to return the documents the company had supplied.  I was dressed smartly, but as per Madam's instructions.

My blue shirt was actually a blouse, and the trousers were actually woman's with the zip at the side, I wore a tie as I usually do and I had my jacket to hand for when I go out the car at Dartford.  No socks allowed, so my stocking clad ankles might be seen above my brogues.  Underneath was a black waspie/ clincher, plain top black stockings, satin knickers and a black balcony bra.  pretty much what I normally wear under a suit when I go to a work meeting, the outer layer was just more feminine if you really look.

so by 10.30 I had dropped the paperwork off and was on my way to Romford and the butterflies were raging in my stomach.  with traffic and searching for the house I got there about 11.20.

Madam had made it clear that I was not to go in with my jacket, tie or brogues, so the tie was removed and I slipped off the shoes, to be replaced with the my 2" heels - I bloody hoped I had the right house or the occupier of this one was going to be in for a real surprise!!

I knocked on the door and it was opened by a small lady, probably in her late 50's.

"hello, I'm looking for Trisha..."

I was given the once over "Oh, you're billie, come in, come in." and I was ushered into the house and the living room.

The woman was Trisha, very friendly  and quite chatty.  she called for her husband to get some tea for us and we chatted about my sizes and what Alice has asked for on the phone.  A couple of girdles, some longline bra's and a corselette if she had one that fitted.  apparently the stock had been sold cheap because of either missing size labels or incorrect labels.

Her husband came in and was a real surprise, fully made up with make up, wig and dressed as a 50's house wife may have looked - wow!

I was introduced to Alison, Trisha's house husband - Alistair - They had both run a couple of stalls selling underwear, hosiery, socks and pants, steady work and with some of their wholesale work they had done alright but now having gotten on in life, they had sold up and now did a little bit of ebay sales to tick over.

It was quite relaxing sitting in a strangers living room , as a male in female clothing with this lady and her crossdressed husband just chatting about things.

With Tea finished it was time to get started I was taken through to what had been the garage but was now the work room.  the room had a sewing maching and a few boxes of items.  apparently most of the items would be sold onto other market traders but they kept a few bits for selling on ebay or for those that had bought from them before such as us.

"Ok dearie blouse and trousers off...."  while it was a request it was direct.  I stripped off and stood there in my lingerie and popped my heels back on.

"Your wife said that you wouldn't get aroused with this, Not that I'm worried about that, Alison does it the whole time, don't you!"

I told her that I was caged and that an errection wasn't going to happen, well it would be contained.

"well lets get on then."

Alison was opening some packages and laying them out, girdles, a selection of longline bras and 3 corselettes.

Trisha looked at me and asked me to take my bra and waspie off and I was passed the first bra - nope too small, swapped and the next was better and then removed and then the next one tried and that was better.  with that in place Trisha asked Alison to pass a set of foam inserts and these were then inserted into the bra cups to fill it out.  This told me that I wasn't the first crossdresser or sissy to have been here for a fitting.

Next was the girdle, she had two types - open bottom and panty girdle.  The panty girdles just didn't fit as they were too small or way too big, so Alison put them back into their wrappers and back into the box.  The open bottom girdles were far better and there was 3 that fitted just fine - 2 black and 1 white, so they were set to on side.

The bra and girdle were removed and I stood in my panties and sagging stockings and the first black corseletted passed and tried on.  now there is a knack to putting these on, step into the corseletted, cross your ankles and then pull it up and then wriggle into it. it didn't fit and was then shrugged back down to the floor.  the same with the other black one but the white one was just fine, stockings were then attached to the short suspenders clips and the foam inserts added.

"Nice, that suits you dearie, nice bit of shape and smooth out line, yes I think that's just right for you."

she was right, it did the job squeezing me and holding me just enough without being too uncomfortable.

The corseletted was wriggled off and added to the bras and girdles in the fitting pile.  I was asked which ones I wanted and I confirmed that I would take a black and white long line bra, all of the girdles and the white corseletted - £10 for each bra, £12 for the girdles and £20 for the corselette.  Not bad

Trisha told me to put my waspie and bra back on, and as I was treading the suspenders under my knickers and attaching to the stockings I was asked if I would show her the cage.

I lowered my knickers and both Trisha and Alison had a good look at my cage and constrained penis.

the questions started to flow.

how long do you wear it for ?
how do you wash with it on?
is it painful?
what happen when you get erect?
how big are you out of the cage?
how do you put it on?

The questions from Alison was quite interesting - do you get aroused?  does it give a sexual buzz or thrill?  can you cum in it?

I had to explain that yes I can cum while wearing it but it mainly comes from being anally used or stimulated. (and also elements of the humiliation and being dominated).  I'm sure at this point I was very red faced, I certainly felt embarrassed.

Trisha asked how we started with chastity and if there were different types of chastity.  I explained my journey and the types we had used.  by now I was still in my underwear but we had migrated back to the living room with a mug of tea each - quite surreal really.  sat in someone's front room in my underwear with a woman and her crossdressed husband discussing chastity over a cup of tea and a custard cream!!  that's not a normal day for most people!!!

The two seemed genuinely fascinated by the chastity and the FLR that Madam and I have, there was a real interest in perhaps trying a chastity device and that was from Alison, so we promised to keep in contact if he needed any advice or more information.

I got dressed with my blouse and trousers, collected my purchases and thanked my hosts for the pleasant visit and the stress free experience of trying on the girdles.  I was hugged by both Trisha and Alison and waved on my way.  it was a really nice experience, so much so that I forgot to change out of my shoes and drove all the way back home in my heels.

Madam was really please with the purchases and I was required to model them for her but she was more impressed with my whole experience of going and being fitted.

I have to admit despite my worry it was a lovely day and I really do have to thank Trisha and Alison for making it a stress free experience - Thank you!

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Getting new underwear - all a bit nervous.

About 18 months ago Madam wanted to get some Shapewear and she hadn't been impressed with the options from M&S or Debenhams.  so after a bit of a search for some locally she drew a blank.  she had been looking for open Bottom girdles and a corseletted.

now she does have some very nice shape wear from What Katie Did, as I do as well, but she was looking for some day to day wear items, not too pricey and not too fancy either.  Her search took her to ebay and she found a seller that was clearing stock from an old lingerie shop.

So she ordered some items.  the seller contacted Madam to mention that of the 5 items she had ordered they were in 2 different sizes and could she confirm which size she wanted.

Well Madam emailed them back to say that she was aware of the size issue but she was ordering for her and she was also ordering 2 items for her husband.  The seller responded that she understood and she was familiar with this as her husband was also a dresser.

The items arrived and they were great, along with a small news letter explaining what this couple do and the other items that they sell.  stockings, underwear, shapewear, socks etc.  They apparently used to have a market stall but now do most of their selling on line.  if we wanted we could be informed if they got new stock in, Madam emailed them to say what she was interested in and to keep her in mind.

since then we have ordered a few items but we often get an email that they have a new clearance stock, a lot of it is stockings for Madam's work outfits. but occasionally there is something that comes in like a Basque or a waist clincher.

Now over the last 2 years my main underwear, particularly during the winter, is a open bottom girdle, long line bra and stockings for my normal working week.  My maid and secretary uniforms have these as my main stay lingerie.  during the hot weather it does become less constraining but still with stockings and suspenders.

my now normal office wear, well it has been for the last 2 years anyway- yes that is me!

Last week Madam received an email from the seller and informed her that they had some new stock in from couple of shops and traders and would she be interested.  Madam asked what sizes and explained she was looking for a few items for me to replace my older girdles and bras.

The seller told her that one of the batches was labelled up wrongly and hence they were cheap and while they were trying to measure them there was a risk that the sizing could be wrong.  Madam was still interested.....

"billie, come here dear!" I presented myself in the study in front of my wonderful Madam.

"Where are you going next Thursday with work?"

"Dartford Ma'am"

"That's quite close to Romford isn't it?"

"yes Ma'am, a couple of junctions back on the M25."

"thank you, you can go.." and I went back to my duties none the wiser.

About an hour later Madam came to the kitchen and popped the kettle on and asked what I was going to be doing at Dartford - "I'm basically dropping off an Audit Report for a company on one of their big construction projects."

"Why aren't you using a courier for that?"

The company had supplied a shit load of documents and drawings, some of which were commercially sensitive, so they had asked that I collect and return them in person.

"No meetings, just dropping them off?"

That was it, the client had the electronic draft copy already and they were paying for me to drop the hard copy and the other documents, so that was it, travel down, into the office, not far from the bridge, get the front desk to sign and then back in the car and head home, job done, thank you very much...……..however....

"Good, I've spoken to Trisha (the seller), they have some really nice stuff just come in and they think that it will probably be in your size, I want you to go to their house and pick up the items I've ordered."

"oh ok, no problem, probably be about a half hour detour to go in and pick it up if they are on the M25 side of Romford..."

"Ah, no my dear, it will probably take a bit longer as she is going to get you to try on a few items as they don't have the correct sizes on the labels, I've told her that you'll be popping in to try them on to get the right sizes"

I almost choked!  what?  "Sorry Ma'am, are you sure about this?"

"yes dear, you'll be fine, she knows about you being my sissy husband, and she thinks she has a few items that will be just fine for you, besides your black girdle and corseletted do need replacing."

and that was that.  so tomorrow morning I will set off on a trip that will involve underwear shopping but I'll be trying before buying.  this isn't going to be like a visit to a fetish shop, this is a visit to someone's house, someone that we've not actually met before.....

wish me luck!

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Reviewing the Maid

From Madam Alice

It has been a normal weekend here at home in our little bit of England, it's June and the weather is rather unpredictable - all very british!  but undeterred we have stayed Calm and Carried on.

on Friday I arrived home from work and was met at the door by my lovely hubbie in his French Maids uniform, waiting at the door with a glass of wine and to be told that my bath was ready (this is a very well planned routine -  text message when leaving work, general known travel time home on a Friday etc, billie has it off pat, and hearing the gates gives billie time to go and pour a glass of wine and get to the door, bless him, he is good.)

I bath and dress ready for John to arrive and when he arrives billie show him in and we kiss and cuddle while billie waits.  I chose one of my Black Basques and Fully fashioned stockings and my 5" stilettoes and I know that it drives both of my boys wild. I could feel John getting excited and the look on billie told me that he was uncomfortable in his cage.

But, and it is a But! I want to see Billie's frustration.  we've changed his cage earlier this year to a open metal cage, and I love it, the way it is smaller that his modified CB-6000s, the way that it holds him tight - his penis/clit against his balls, and also the way the penis/clit is forced down in its constrained submission.

I could make him remove the maids uniform, but that strips away the uniform of the submissive husband, I like him in his uniform, I like the way that it adds to his submissive nature and the way that he fulfils the role of my maid,

No the uniform must stay, so what to do?

Well billie has now been tasked to find a suitable maids uniform for just these occasions, his current one comes mid thigh and will show his stockings, but I want something that shows stocking tops and suspenders and where possible so that se can catch a regular glimpse of his little package in it's cage.

I want him to have it for after our summer holiday, so he has until September to find it, order it and if necessary go and have it fitted - I want it to fit, be short and still be suitable as a sissy maid uniform.

John has added his requirements as well, he wants billie to get a matching set of panties for the uniform but with a rear zip opening, he got the idea from one of billies daily image finds.

So we shall see what my submissive husband comes up with.

Monday, 10 June 2019

Managing a FLR lifestyle and preventing the vanilla coliding into it!

We've had an interesting few days here at home.  Madam is back to full health and enjoying herself as usual and Master has been here at home as well.

Several weeks ago we planned to have a BBQ for Saturday but the weather conspired against us so it was more of a an indoor grilling session.   now this is all part of looking a head and planning things and booking things.

While our family (well Madam's family really) think that this is a bit to formal they do accept it, they know that we value our privacy - for obvious reasons - and they know that they have to call before they turn up, we definitely don't do surprise visits.  They can turn up at short notice but at a good 30 minutes head start to change and to hide things helps!

so the scene on Saturday is Madam and Sir in the lounge and the table in the dining room set up with salad and nibbles.  I'm in the kitchen grilling some burgers and sausages with Master popping occasionally out to check on the meat that he had in a smoker outside.

There is a few ciders and white wines being consumed and we are determined not to be beaten by the crap weather.

Madam is looking fantastic is a light floral skirt but with a wool cardigan on and I'm pottering about in casual dress.

The phone rings at about 3pm and Madam answers it while I'm with Master sorting out the beef that he has brought in.  Madam comes in with her hand over the mic...

"Mick, it's your brother!"  Now the look on her face wasn't good and for her to use "Mick" was also telling.

I'm pretty much estranged from my side of the family.  They were a bad influence on my life and rather controlling in a bad way - my FLR with Madam is definitely very positive for me.  Now the issue that I have is that my brother shouldn't have the phone number.  it was given to my Mother only for emergencies - and mean is some one dies, that level of things.

"Ah Michael, glad I caught you at home.  we're in the Milton Keynes area and we thought we would come round and say hello, sort of catch up."

Now, I haven't been called Michael since I left home in the 80's and I'm not going to start again now, also the last person that I would want in my home would be my Brother.  If ever there was an intolerant Arse it is him.  If he wanted to see me there must be something afoot.

"What are you after?"

"oh just a catch up, it's been years..."

"It's been years for a fucking reason!"

and from that point I went into full rant mode, giving my brother both barrels from the "emotional shotgun" and telling him to go and fuck himself.

I pretty much left home when I was 17 to get away from the control of my family and headed back to the Midlands to live with my Uncle, working on building sites and eventually getting taken on as an apprentice surveyor.  while my Dad and brother intended to keep me in the family business and work for next to nothing while gaining no qualifications and being manipulated to do what they wanted work wise - no not for me and if I could spot it at that age it must have been bloody obvious.  My brother was always going to be the successor to my dad and the business but he also gained all of the nasty business practices that went with that.  Over the first few years away from my immediate family I pretty much learned what a ruthless team they were, so I'm very comfortable about stepping away from that part of life.

My brother is one of those people that smiles and talks well to get in with you, but once he is in he would dig, and latch on and then bleed you for anything he could, either in business, in life or often just for his own amusement.  Pretty toxic and unfortunately he isn't alone.

The conversation ended with a very curt "goodbye!" and I clicked the phone off and looked round to find my wife looking at me open mouthed and John just about to wet himself with laughter!

"What?" was al I could ask.

Master was the first to get himself together "Bloody hell Mick! if you can give someone that level of a bollocking and abuse when in a skirt and heels, what the hell are you like in normal work mode!"

I caught my reflection in the glass doors and he had a point, I was stood there in a short pleated skirt and a yellow blouse - with tan stockings, suspenders with my caged penis in its chastity. while wearing 4" heels.  Yea, all a bit of a contrast!  You couldn't help laugh when you look at it in that way.

So here I was stood in my kitchen with my Mistress Wife and her Boyfriend who cuckolds me while dressed in women's clothes while enjoying some wine, cider and some good food, so for those that think that we should embrace the vanilla rather than the FLR - no thanks.  My vanilla life was pretty crap thanks and the path to FLR was a learning experience but now that we are here it's a far better place and we like it here, in FLR land, and I'm damned if I want that spoiled by the old vanilla life crashing into it!

Life isn't just black and white, there is a whole spectrum of Grey and we - Madam Alice, Master John and Sissy billie - like it!

so the motto is - "ditch the toxic and embrace the FLR"  or as Madam once put it "Life is better in stockings, suspenders and heels" - she has a point!

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Why do I accept Punishments?

The headline is a bit of a misleader I'm afraid, I've been asked why I allow my wife and her lover to punish me and to keep me in chastity.

Did I have an affair - No, neither of us have been unfaithful, and I would argue that even in our FLR we are not and have not been unfaithful.

Did you hit your wife and this is the punishment?  I can honestly say I have never raised my hand to my wife, raised my voice - Yes, but violence physical or implied - never!

Am I a complete wimp that I allow her to cow me into submission - No, this is a relationship and it may seem bizarre to some but it is a relationship of equals and of balance.

So lets look at things:

prior to starting this FLR many moons ago, we were in a very loving relationship, we were sexually active and adventurous in a vanilla way, a bit of role play, a bit of crossdressing, a bit of fetish and a bit of Sub/dom play.  All good healthy stuff.  But I was in a career that was good, rewarding but stressful - I was the Alpha dog in a very competitive pack

Madam was in a good job, she was being Mentored and developed by people who saw her real potential, as could I, She was learning to release the real potential and throw of the shackles of the stereotype and she was doing well.  she was developing into the Business Alpha Female.

Our relationship has always been loving but as with couples we would row and with 2 Alpha that can be loud and verbally aggressive.  With family issues we had to adjust life with us having to look after our 2 nieces for a couple of years while Alice's sister went through Cancer treatment so Alice's career was slowed to look after the girls and I took on bigger projects and roles to bring in more money to support a bigger household and to support my sister in law.

once things were sorted and family life went back to normal and the Girls went back to their Mum- after she got the thumbs up that the treatment was successful, Alice took a little bit of time to get back into her work but I was in the spiral of working in big projects and working long hours - with some of the projects being abroad.  I finally realised that the work was just taking over my life and in turn our relationship.

I sat down with Alice the summer of 1998 and told her that I needed to get off the circuit and to down scale, I was running 3 projects at the time.  Unfortunately I didn't get off the circuit quick enough.  3 months later and my world imploded and Alice found a sobbing physical and mental wreck of her husband on the floor of the kitchen.  It just was too much and I was trying too hard with things.

We went and got some help - I say we as this was very much a joint thing, there were work stresses, their was relationship issues and stress - anger, guilt, frustrations the works.

Some very good people helped me to understand what the issues were, I went through Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Alice also went through some sessions to improve her understanding of things and what had happened to cause my problems.  It took a good 18 months to work through to the other side.  I load shedded my work but under the guidance of those that knew better than me I didn't completely stop as they felt that would have destroyed me, so 2 projects were handed over and one was delivered as completed - that took 9 months but it did the trick, I kept mentally active delivering it but in the bounds of my recovery and it helped with my self respect and kept my  reputation.

The conversation was that I would slow my work life down by only doing consultancy work, based from home.  No big projects, keep time for us as a couple, and that I would release some of my very tightly held controls to Alice and most of all release some of my tightly held emotions.

Relationship wise I made it clear in one of my CBT sessions, which Alice was present, the Nurse told me that I had to stop focussing on others and to make time for me, stop worrying about the projects, the people, the team but to think about me.  allocate time for me - I told her I couldn't do that, which took her back.

I explained to the Nurse that I was more than happy to change my focus in life but it wasn't about me, it was about Alice.  she was the thing that was important to me, she was who I loved and that the thing that bothered me the most was that I had scared the hell out of the most important person in my life.  I would change my life and the way I worked but not for me but for the person that was important and the person was Alice.

When we got home we had a very good and indepth heart to heart.  I explained that I felt that I needed to always support her, that at times I felt that I had let her down.  I also explained that while I loved her with all my heart I always felt that I wasn't her equal, if you will she was my Goddess.  as strange as it may seem she was taken aback.  I felt free having told her, during our relationship I was by nature her submissive but it seemed that those feeling had been suppressed by the work attitudes.  I didn't realise how toxic that had been and my confession was almost like a cleansing.

We talked long and we talked in real depth.  we were both honest and frank, about work, about families, about our relationship and about our sex life.  after several weeks of talking, discussions, confessions and explorations. we realised that our relationship had to change and develop.  The idea of FLR appeared.  Alice wanted to take the lead, I needed to be the follower but mores specifically be the supporter and to have the guidance to run my life in a way that would prevent the toxic nature from becoming the dominant factor.

And so it started - very slowly and over a period where I scaled back my work commitments and she developed as my partner, my Mistress and my guide.

at the same time Alice was a frustrated Alpha and she wanted to go back to work, to prove that she was as good as her boss at Leicester thought she was.  The opportunity presented itself with a promotion into one of the other branches of her company at Milton Keynes.  this came at a time that she was growing with confidence in our relationship and the two things complemented each other.

Alice had met Carol and was learning about FLR and how to be a Dominant, but in life and in the home.

Sexually the stress and the breakdown had destroyed my confidence but Alice had worked with me to get that back, but it worked best with me in the submissive role.  I knew things were lacking but we compensated and took more time about things.  I became more oral focussed for her and fore play was the big important part.  Alice realise that I hadn't lied when I said that she was my focus in life as she certainly realised that her sexual satisfaction was my prime focus when in bed.

So the FLR has been developing for 18-19 years now, it is well established and continues to develop, so lets answer the questions:

The Female Lead Relationship provides me the structure to my control and guides my life for the best of my mental and physical health.  It isn't a punishment it is a focus.  If you want, the affair that I had was with my toxic work life, but now things are in balance.

The physical and mental damage was due to me over working and damaging myself, but the hurt that I caused to Alice was the emotional shock and hurt of finding me broken and in bits.  it took time to convince her that none of the problems were due to her.

Am I a wimp - no I'm her submissive.  I can hold my own, I can still put contractors and Project Managers in their box when I want to but I chose to be my wife's submissive.  I chose to support her in her career and to fully embrace the FLR that she wants and needs - and that I need.

My Chastity - yes it is frustrating but it allows me to be fully focused on my Mistress, on pleasing her and serving her.  Not my needs but her's.

And as for the "punishments", they aren't punishments they are just reminders and incentives to improve my performance or to correct my errors.

(the only thing that I view as a punishment is when I'm put in the dog cage in the attic or at Mistress Carols!!)

So pretty much I don't have punishments, I have structure, guidance and focus, but most of all I have a Wife and a Mistress that I love and adore and who loves and looks after me (and that doesn't sound like punishment to me!)

Kind regards

billie xxxxx

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Taking the role of Nurse

Madam hasn't been particularly well over the last 2 weeks, thankfully she is on the mend and almost back to full strength now, but I've spent the last 2 weeks as her maid and nurse.

Alice had come back early from work not feeling well, she planned to do some work from home for a day or 2 until she felt better but after coming into her study with some tea and finding her in a right state it was a case of phoning for a doctors appointment.

Well the result was Alice being bedded down for a week, and me producing lots of soup for a poorly wife and Mistress.

John had popped over a few times through the week and spent the weekend with us as usual but it was a more a case of making sure that Alice was looked after.

Well by Tuesday she was out of bed and working back in her study but not ready to go back to work.  I'd say that she is back to full health but I think it will be a quiet weekend for us whill we all get back to normal.


Monday, 6 May 2019

A question over shaving my husband

From Madam Alice:

One of the questions that we received from Billie's last blog post was the question from Alan L "If billie is a sissy why isn't he/she fully shaved?"

The answer is that we are a Female Led Relationship which has cuckolding and humiliation as a main part of the relationship.  With me as the Alpha in the relationship with Mick/billie as the beta male.

Now I'm not working on having a fully feminised husband but it is something that has developed over the years of our relationship but it is a progressive part that will become more part of our marriage as we get towards Mick's retirement.

By keeping some of Billie's body hair he remains a male that is made to wear clothing that a Alpha male wouldn't, it reminds him of his place in the relationship.

He does shave some parts - armpits and his sissy bits every 2 weeks, also with his legs he does use his clippers to thin out his leg hair but I want him to keep that as his normal state.

John and I regularly use humiliation to re-assure billie that he is the beta, a stocking clad sissy beta, but still a beta male rather than a sissy gurl.  that will change over the coming years but not while she is still working.

I'm sure that there will be some that disagree with this process but in our FLR it works and it ensures that the right mindset for Mick/billie is maintained.  We've been developing this FLR over 18 years and it still has plenty of things to do and to develop in the years to come.

I can smell the bacon from the kitchen so it's time for breakfast, my submissive husband should be coming to curtsey at the bedroom door to inform me and John that breakfast is ready.  I love my FLR and my beta husband.

Best Wishes


Wednesday, 1 May 2019

My cage and my underwear for this evening.

I left home this morning at 7.15am to drive up to York for 2 days of working with the contracts team of my client.

Madam had provided me with the honour of wearing her French Knickers that she wore yesterday.  she had also packed my bag, telling me not to open until I had finished my days work.

so what had she packed for me?

So having opened the bag and found Ma'am had packed some toys for me, I text a thank you to Madam and then went for a shower and douched myself.  when I had finished Ma'am had replied and told me to make sure that I was wearing my lingerie and the plug when I went for my evening meal.

So now in a Basque, stockings, plug and open backed knickers, I put on my shirt and trousers and Chelsea boots and head out for my meal.

Madam had also sent another text and later this evening I have permission to use the large dildo on my arse and while at the same time I must practice my oral skills on the smaller dildo.  Madam has set the limit at a minimum of 30 minutes and if I do cum I am lick up my dribbles and to inform Ma'am by text.

well I had best go and get ready and put a pillow on the floor or my knees won't thank me....

Kissing my Husband off to work

From Madam Alice,

over the past few years it has been my husband/sissy that has waved me off to work each morning, however this morning Mick has been up early (earlier that usual) so that he can get on the road and head off to York for 2 days with a client.

so this morning I woke early with him - I had him sleep in the bed with me last night as a special frustrating treat for my chastity caged submissive.  as he normally does he was about to leave the bed room to go and get showered and dressed in his "maids" room when I told him to come back once he had dressed in his underwear and carrying his male clothes.

Mick appear a short time later in his black stockings, suspender belt, satin panties and a black cami top. 

I had just dressed and was there in my stockings, a deep suspender belt and my bra.  I was also wearing a pair of french knickers that I had worn the day before.

I do love looking at my husband in his underwear before he finishes getting dressed for work.  he does look wonderful and it turns on no end.

I made him take off his panties and I dropped mine to the floor, picked them up and passed them to him.  A small gift for him -  I had worn them all day yesterday and I had kept them on as I has frustrated billie last night as I made him watch me play with myself through the satin material.  I made him put them on and I picked up his panties and I slipped them up my stocking clad legs.

so we both has a reminder of each other with us today, he wears my used knickers and I'll wear his panties - lucky we both like satin lingerie.

I'm sure he had chosen his panties to help support his cage, so I'll hear from him this evening how he gets on with the looser fit of the French Knickers.

so now that we are both fully dressed, I walk him to the door, make sure that he has his "overnight" bag, and give my sissy husband a goodbye kiss, we tell each other we love you and off to the car for him.  I wave him off and turn to go and finish my coffee. 

I'm typing this up as I finish my coffee and I already feel a little bit horny knowing that Mick has my used knickers on and part of me thinks that I might keep his panties on when i go to John's house this evening, so that billie will have something nice and used to wear on his return.  it just a thought?

well it's that time, I need to get going to get to my work, we'll look forward to hearing from Mick/billie this evening.


Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Uncaged over the Easter Weekend - how things have changed.

With the Easter Weekend arriving I had completed my period of Chastity and I was allowed to be released.
The rule over the weekend was that while uncaged I was not to touch myself unless it was with the specific instruction of Madam, if I did touch myself without permission then I would forfeit my opportunity to be uncaged for our holiday in August and I would remain caged all the way through to Christmas Eve.  I can report that I behaved myself and my next scheduled period of freedom will be the start of August.
Madam has asked me to explain about how things have evolved with our lovemaking when Sir is with us.  Madam has explained in a previous post that she and I do not have sex when I am uncaged, I am her husband and as such when I am granted freedom I am required to make love to her.  
There is no fucking, nothing rough, nothing vigorous or excitable, it must be tender and devoted and that is consensual and gentle.

However at Christmas a new aspect evolved.  When Sir is with us I am required to be caged but because we had Sir stay with us at Christmas and that is normally Mick and Alice time there was a slight change in the rules and conditions.  I was uncaged as per my schedule but I was required to be fully fem for the period and in similar outfits to what Alice was wearing – same type and colour of lingerie and stockings, and Christmas day found us both is sexy Mrs Claus outfits , I wasn’t to be fully submissive as the Christmas wasn’t about Madam, Sir, and sissy billie, but Alice, John and Billie. 

When it came to sex, I was told to follow the lead of Alice, the fundamental rules of our relationship were still in place but I would help Alice get ready for John, I would provide oral to both of them and help john enter her.  While they had sex I would kiss my wife and play with her breasts, what ever she wanted.  When John orgasmed in her he would with draw and have me go down on him to taste both him and my wife from his cock.  At this point I was allowed to stroke myself to ensure is was hard (which I was – it’s difficult not to be when you are uncaged and involved with my wife and her boyfriend. 
Once I had clean John and he was hard again I would be told to get between Alice’s legs and put my 5” hard penis into her used pussy, it was fully lubricated with her juices and John’s cum.  I would slip in very easily and as I entered her I would feel some lube being applied to my arse.  Alice would hold me still and we would kiss as john would then mount me.
Alice simply told me to let John fuck me and she in turn would be fucked by me.  All the time that I was getting fucked would talk dirty to me, telling me that this would now be the way that I would be allowed to fuck her, using her boyfriends cum as lubricant and my little cock  to slip about in her used pussy.
Alice can be a very dirty mouthed girl when she wants to be, when it turns her on.  I’m quite sure that her straight laced boss would faint if she realised what my wonderful wife was really like!
I can say that I certainly came first between the 3 of us, but things didn’t end until both John and Alice had achieved their orgasms.  This certainly wasn’t gentle and loving this was definitely sex between the three of us.  When we were all finished and we disentangled from each other, I went down on Alice to clean her and then to John to clean him up. We may not have been doing the FLR and cuckolding submission session but I still wanted them to know that I knew my place.  For that period we all shared the same bed.
Over the Christmas period this happened several times and when John left and we went to visit family up in Leicester,  Alice and I made love as Wife and Husband several time.  On the 30th Dec  we were back home and I was back in my cage.  Madam and billie back to normal (????? Define normal ????)
Now what I described happened again over the Easter weekend.  John came over on the Thursday night and would stay until Monday afternoon.  I would be released on Friday morning as that was the start of Easter and I would be cage free until Madam went to work on Tuesday morning.  This would again be a Alice, John and billie weekend, and Mick could appear once John left on Monday. Over the Friday to the Monday I was allowed to enter Alice 4 times, each time with John fucking me.  It’s a strange feeling being in your wife but having your efforts to fuck her being directed (physically directed) by her boyfriend.  I know that this will be very bizarre to some but wow is it an amazing feeling in so many ways!
Has the FLR made me this way, or is it the Cuckolding  or is it the periods of Chastity?  Probably all three in reality.

But there is one over riding thing, I love my wife, my Mistress, my Madam -  and boy does she have a dirty dirty mouth on her!!

A Cage Addition

So yesterday morning I was placed back in my cage after 4 days of release.  As with my time at Christmas, Master was here with us for the weekend until Monday afternoon and then I had an evening with Madam which was "Mick and Alice" time.

The only difference yesterday morning was that there has been an addition to my cage, which is this little set of spikes.  These slip onto the locating pegs of the cage.  While the centre spike is adjustable, Madam fitted it to the cage without it being fully extended.  The aim is to get me used to having it added to the cage.

So far and to be honest it is only a day and the addition has been fine, however It was a bit uncomfortable last night when Madam was teasing me.

 We'll have to see how things progress.

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Unfettered husband

From Madam Alice

As scheduled billie was uncaged on Friday morning and has been enjoying his freedom.  However he has had to spend the weekend not touching himself, the rule was if he touched himself then it is back in the cage until Christmas.

However we haven't been mean to him, he has been enjoying himself.  I'll get him to explain in a blog entry over the next few days.

so as it is he has another day of freedom until I put him back in his cage on Tuesday morning just before I go to work.


Saturday, 13 April 2019

Last Saturday - Being exposed

I started the day with the need to get cleaned up, having been used by Sir, I could appreciate why Madam would spend time soaking in the Bath on Saturday and sunday mornings.

Back into my maids outfit for the day I started to tidy up the living room and the kitchen.  We have newspapers delivered at the weekend and they are put into the mail box that we have by the gate.  so at 7.30am I minced my way to the gate to collect them.  There has been a few times when I've been spotted by a passing car which can be quite alarming - it's surprising how fast I can move on 4" heels!

Sir had his papers and coffee delivered to the bedroom and I was required to "orally wake him up".  once he was happy that he was fully awake I was dismissed and went to get Breakfast ready for Sir when he came down at 9.30.

As per the night before I serve breakfast and stepped back to wait for any requirements from Sir.  I was directed to put on the radio and to refill the coffee.  Once I cleared the breakfast plate away Sir continued to read his paper with the coffee but also simply moved forward on his seat and undid his flys.  "Billie get a cushion and deal with this while I finish the papers."  all very matter of fact.

Once Sir was content with my service and he had finished his paper. he withdrew from my mouth and told me to tidy up - again all very matter of factually.

The rest of the day fell into the normal type of routine that we have.  I went about my duties and with a bit of time spare went and did some paperwork while sir watch some sport.

Late in the afternoon I was summoned to the lounge.

"billie, we will be going out for a drive later, make sure your make up is at it's very best, also wear your new skirt and blouse.  I think Alice has put some items for you in the bottom drawer. The items were bagged in the bottom drawer and were mainly one of my waist clinchers, knickers and an old pair of ankle boots, they had a 3 inch block heel.

I'll be honest I wasn't looking forward to this, I've driven fully en-femme plenty of times but I wasn't sure what was on the cards this time.

I spent time working on the make up - this isn't natural for me and I have to spend time applying and reapplying to make sure that I don't get too much on and look like a really bad (and I mean really bad!) drag queen or either looking like a scary clown!  The watch phrase was "less is more".  I dressed in the underwear, padded bra with the cheap inserts that I have, clincher holding up my opaque stockings, knickers over the top. Blouse, skirt, boots and then add a wide belt between blouse and skirt.
Jewellery added, rings, but there was no point adding the ankle chain considering the ankle boots would have hidden it. adjust the Wig and  a check in the mirror and I thought that I would pass - just!  I picked up the clutch purse and headed down stairs and back to the lounge.

I was looked over with a critical eye.  My new clothes were checked and the indication was that they were suitable.  I was asked for my phone and Sir removed the plain black cover and a pink one and I was told to put it in the small clutch purse.

I was told to fetch Alice's Fawn rain coat, a short mac type jacket and to put it on.  Sir made it clear that I was not to button it up, and when I put it on it came to mid thigh on me and about an inch above the hem of the skirt.

Sir picked up my car keys and I was ushered out and headed to my car.  sir opened the passenger side and I tried to get in as elegantly as I could without showing my knickers, well as best you can when getting into a Skoda Fabia!

Sir got into the drivers side and we headed out.  I had now idea where we were heading to we drove round for about 20 minutes having small talk, and then we stopped twice for me to get out and stand next to a couple of road signs and have my photo taken - Madam wanted proof that I had been out dressed.

after about another 15 minutes we were heading down a lane and Sir stopped the car next to a Foot path that led into the Rushmere Country Park.

"Ok billie, time to get out. "

I looked panicked.  "Yes, out you get dear!"  I opened the door and swung my legs out and then stood up.

"Oh very elegant sissy, you've mastered that then.  Now head down the track and it will take you to the visitors centre at the main carpark in the country park, from there you need to head into the village (Heath and Reach) and then go to The Star up at Heath road.  If you don't dawdle too much I'll be waiting in the car park. - Oh yes one last thing take your knickers off and pass them here" Sir held out his hand.

I was stood at the side of the road dressed in a short trench coat over a blouse and skirt and I reached under the skirt and pulled my knickers down and stepped out of them and passed them to Sir.  I was glad that the light was starting to fade.

Sir popped the panties into his jacket pocket and pulled the door closed and pulled the car away to continue down the lane.

I pretty much knew this path into the park having both walked and run the route on quite a few occasions.  the park is a lovely place to visit but this evening it held a set of unknown terrors for me.  I started down the path.  Thankfully the ground was firm and my wider heel was alright for walking this way.

It is a strange feeling walking on your own dressed, while there is a feeling of terror for being discovered it is really rather liberating.  The park can be busy all year round at any times.  I was banking on the fact that at this time of the evening the park would be quieter.  getting to the Pub would be more problematic as the village is well lit with street lights and I know how busy the pub could be on a Saturday having dropped Sir and Madam off there several times.

walking in heels with short skirt does mean that you can't really stride out but I certainly wasn't mincing along.  The walk was quite pleasant but I did have to slow down a little as I got near to the visitor centre car park as a couple taking their kids for a walk were just ahead of me and clearly on their way back to their car.

I skirted the edge of the car park and aimed to pick up the path that then followed the road from the visitors centre down to the entry barriers down by the road to the village.  just as I was crossing the overflow carpark heading for this path my phone went off.

Part of me had been expecting Sir to call, to check on my progress.  However it turned out to be Madam.

"hello dear, how are you?  John says you are out getting some fresh air?"

"Yes Ma'am, Sir dropped me off outside Rushmere and I've to walk to The Star pub."

"So where are you at the moment?"

"I've just passed the visitor centre Ma'am"

"Show me!"

the call was cut off and I received an incoming Skype call.  here I was in a car park near a country park visitor centre dressed in a short skirt having a skype call with my Mistress Wife.  Madam wanted to see where I was and also how many cars were in the car park.  she couldn't quite see me properly so I was told to move towards the lights of the main car park.  once there Madam made me hold the phone so that she could see what my outfit was.

she commented that the coat did suit me but she would probably get me one of my own rather than using hers.

"what colour are your panties billie?"

"I'm not wearing any" I said in quite hushed tones for fear that someone may be listening.

"Oh you slutty tart! show me!"

On Madam's direction I held the phone out and with my other hand I raised the hem of the skirt to show my stockings tops and the exposed metal of the cage.

"Oh dear, you are such a tart, going commando in the park, that's not very lady like is it dear?"

"No Ma'am"

"well don't let me keep you, you have an appointment at a pub, you could probably do with a stiff brandy before you go home - Watch out for the Bar man at the Star, he's definitely a leg and stockings man, he may take a fancy to you!"

"I hope not! I just want to go home when I get to the car!"

Madam, laughed, blew me a kiss and wished me a good night and signed off with "Love You!"

with that I hurried away from the lit area and put my phone back into the clutch purse.

there was several cars that passed me on the way out of the park.  but my walk into the village was a hurried affair from me. I had a choice to follow the main road up to the junction and then head up Leighton Road towards the Star or to go through the housing areas.  with it now dark but the roads all lit with street lighting I decided to go through the housing streets.

Now it became very apparent there was going to be a significant difference with this part of the walk.  my walk so far had been on tracks - earth sand and gravel.  I was now onto Tarmac paths and my shoes and their heels were giving a a clear "clip" as I walked along.  anyone that was paying attention would now be hearing a hurried "clip clip" as I worked my way through the streets heading to my destination.

it was also at this point that I started to realise that it was bloody cold.  despite my fear and adrenaline and the efforts of walking at pace in heels I could feel the cold on my thighs above the stockings and also around my un panty clad bum.

I zigzagged my way through the streets and came out near the top end of Leighton Road, I headed south and walked on to where it change to Heath Road.  I could see the sign for the pub and parked just up from it at the side of the road - under a street light -  was  my car.  I quickened my pace and crossed the road and headed to the car.

As I got to the car Sir opened the window and I crouched down to look in at him.

" Can I get in please sir?"

"straighten your legs sissy!, now ask nicely"

" Please Sir, may I get in please."  I was quite conscious that he I was leaning into a car window with straight legs with my short skirt riding up at the back exposing my stocking tops outside a pub.

"Alright Slut but it will cost you!"  with that the door was unlocked and I quickly got in.
I got in and fastened the seat belt and with that Sir started to laugh.
"Bloody hell billie, the look on your face! come on lets get home, you look like you've had a bit too much excitement on your travels!"
I think that the journey home was one where I was just starting to calm down and to get my heart rate back to a normal pace.  I didn't realise just how fast it had been beating until I got into the car.
I was never so glad to come through the gates of our garden and to park up.
Sir, helped me out of the car and once back in the house he took my coat and told me to go into the lounge and relax.  Sir came and joined me and handed me a Whisky and Ginger.
"Billie, we pushed you a bit tonight, Alice wanted to see how you would do, while having me as the bad guy in this, but you did really well.  Alice wants you to do a bit more of going out and about but I don't think it will be quite so drastic as this evening."
"I think her next outing for you will be with Kerri down in London, where I think you'll be a bit more 'comfortable' with being out dressed."
To be honest while the walk outside was scary it was also quite enjoyable.  I managed it without going into a complete panic and there was an element of freedom with it.  now I'm never going to pass as female and to be honest I don't want to.  I like being Femme for my Madam and Sir and I do get a thrill out of it so it will be interesting to see where this goes.  
I'm sure that there will be more of this to come, but as it was the Saturday night was finished with Sir and me relaxing in the lounge and several drinks to ensure that that we slept well that night (despite a bit of a disturbance in my room at about 2am when a visitor couldn't sleep and decided that he would wake me up with his cock!)