Friday, 6 December 2019

An Update from the Luff Household

From Alice

Good Morning, firstly an apology for having been rather quite recently, this was due to having been away on our trip and Mick having been up in the Yorkshire and Newcastle area working.

And now the important news, while John and I were away we were in contact with Mick/ billie every 2 days and we noticed that he seemed to have gotten a cold, well we got back last Friday to find that his cold was definitely a lot worse that he had been telling us.

Over the weekend John found him rather short of breath so we took him to A&E and it appears that he had a serious chest infection.  So we've had him bedded down with a rather strict regime of medicines and rest.

Between myself and John we have been keeping Mick/billie in his bed and keeping a check on him.  It was almost necessary to get the wrist and ankle cuffs out to keep him in his bed as John came over at lunch time to find him out of bed trying to do work around the house.  John gave him a bit of a bollocking and put him back to bed before getting him his lunch.

I think at that point Mick realised that we were serious about looking after him.

He is on the mend and until he is fully back to health I've told him to curtail his social media activity and blogging.  Don't worry he will be back posting shortly.

So if you'll excuse me I'll go and check on my patient prior to going into work.

Hopefully normal service will resume shortly.

Monday, 11 November 2019

I've been a very bad girl!

From Madam Alice:

I woke up on Saturday morning with a slightly mischievous plan forming in my head.  Billie had been in to bring me and John some tea and to check what and when we wanted Breakfast.  she was in full maid dress and her usual efficient self.

The plan for the day was to go into town to do a bit of shopping, I wanted a few things for going away with and also as neither I or john are big fans of Christmas Shopping the idea was to beat the crowds and get one or two presents.

So after an early lunch I went to get changed to go into town with John.  My maid attended on me as I dressed and with john down stairs reading the paper I put my wicked plan into motion.

I had billie fetch my leather mini skirt, sheer black blouse, one of my basques and stockings and lay them out on the bed while I stripped and did my make up.  I told billie to fetch my knee high black boots with the 3 inch stiletto heels and also to get my long black wool winter coat.

when she returned I had her help me put on the basque, stockings and the boots.  billie asked me what knickers I wanted and I told her I didn't need any as I planned to go Commando for the trip out.  billie bobbed a curtsey and said that John would be pleased.

I was then a little wicked with billie and teased her about the fact that John has such freedom with my sex, but if my maid knelt down and crawled to her Mistress I would let her have a taste of what she was missing.  Well I enjoyed Billie's very skilful tongue for about 5 minutes and then pushed her away - if I hadn't I would have used her to completion and we would have been late!  As it was she had go me just nice and ready for the rest of my afternoon out.

I told billie to go and inform John and I would be down in a couple of minutes and that he should start the car to have it warm for me getting in.  billie was also told to get my hat and wait by the door front door for me.  she bobbed another curtsey and of she scuttled.

I finished dressing, heard john pull the car round to the front of the house and headed down the stairs to find my dutiful sissy at the bottom waiting with my hat.  I took the hat placed on my head and adjusted the angle to suit  and kissed my billie on the cheek and told her to get on with her duties.  a playful slap of her bottom and I headed for the door and into the waiting car with John.

We chatted as we headed into town, John was after some toiletries for going away with and also to look for a couple of ideas for his daughters.  I wanted to look for a dress for when we went away and also a couple of multi pack panties either from Debenhams or M&S.

As we parked up and got out the car, I adjusted my coat and I took Johns arm and just as we started to walk to the shops on this cold wet afternoon, I whispered to John, that I didn't have any knickers on!

The look on John's face was a picture and then his retort was "why, didn't the maid lay any out for you? She's getting lax, I'll have to put her over my knee for that!"  we both laughed and made our way the first shop.

we visited a couple of clothes shops and I eventually found a shop that has a really nice dress and what I thought was a decent (cheap?) price. (I like good clothes but not at ridiculous high prices).  I asked if I could try it on and pooped into the changing room.  It was a lovely dress and fitted just fine, it didn't go with the boots but I wouldn't be wearing boots with it on our holiday.  I stepped out of the changing room booth and asked john's opinion and go a very enthusiastic thumbs up.  so back in and changed out of the dress, and adjusted myself and out to the counter to pay for the item.

with my main purchase sorted it was off to get the shower gels and shaving things that John wanted and then on to the little coffee shop that we occasionally go to.

I sat next to john on the padded bench seat in the café and as I sat there I undid the bottom button on my coat so that it opened a bit and showed my stocking clad legs, I crossed my legs and as john looked down he could see the welt at the top of my stockings, he rested his hand on my thigh and we drank our coffee and chatted like there was nothing unusual with my intimate display to him.

As he was about to finish his coffee I leaned into him and whispered in his ear

"I not wearing a blouse or skirt under this coat either!"

well he nearly spat his coffee out!

I opened the top button of my coat and allowed him to peek in and see that I was just in my basque and stockings.  (my wool coat with it's satin lining is vey good on a cold wet day.  Once he had an eyeful I buttoned my top button up again and smiled at him.

"Shall we go and finish our shopping?"  I'm sure he saw my very wicked grin!

while I was picking up a few more bits of shopping in M&S (I do like their soaps) I saw John on the phone and I managed to catch a small bit of him asking billie is she knew that I was out without a skirt and blouse!!

As we paid for the last of my purchases John whispered to me that I had been a bad girl and that I had tried to get billie into trouble, apparently my maid should have made sure that I was fully dressed before sending me out.  I told him it wasn't billies fault, I had put his selections back in the wardrobe, I just wanted to be a wicked tease to my boyfriend and anyone else that may have noticed, and I certainly noticed a few men and women that spotted my stocking tops as I strode out.

What billie had started with her tongue and the thrill of my exhibitionism had me particularly turned on right now.  I told john we needed to go home as I wanted to get home and get fucked by him.  I must admit it wasn't my quietest whisper!

when we got back to the car it was well on towards getting dark and as we left the main part of town heading out towards the country I undid all of the buttons and allowed the coat to open, turning off into one of the country roads heading for home I knew there was a layby about a mile from our house and I told john to pull into it and park.

I undid mine and his seat belt and told him to undo his trousers and get his cock out.  I was out of my coat now and leaning across and gave him a blowjob, I behaved like a wanton whore and I really was loving it!

I made John come in my mouth and I swallowed it like a good (bad) girl.  once John composed himself we headed the last mile or so to the house.  as we pulled in to the drive john stooped at the front door and billie was at the house door and opening it and I stepped out of the car just in my underwear and as I walked to the house told billie to get my coat from the car!

It felt trilling to be behaving in such a slutty and wicked way.  The looks on the faces of my two boys -my boyfriend and sissy husband - was an absolute delight!

Well John spanked me that evening for being a very bad girl and behaving like a tart.  billie was made to watch me get spanked and warned that next time she neglected her duties that she would join me in my punishment.

John then decided that since I had behave like a tart he was going to treat me like a tart and for the rest of the evening I was very thoroughly used.  at the end of the evening I was very tired but I still had my rather pleased but wicked smile!

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Another milestone crossed

I've just spotted that today in the 200 days in Chastity.  I didn't expect to have managed to last this long.

well a bit more to push....

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Setting the context for the development of billie.

From Madam Alice:

I'm working from Home for the next 2 days so I thought I would take a little time out to put a posting together.

over the last month or so we've had a few messages asking about what my intention is for billie when he decides to retire, for some it is clear that there is an interest and for a few there is clearly alarm at my sinister plan to feminise my little sissy husband!

Firstly Don't Panic!!

the plans that I have for billie are not drastic and I'm not planning anything nasty or any body modifications - other than perhaps some intimate piercings.

So what's the plan?  I think that I may just have to set some context so that this can make sense.  the important part of this and always will be the bottom line is that I love and I am very much in love with my husband Mick and is submissive alter ego billie.  This is not changing.

Mick spent a large part of the 80's and the 90's carving out his career, building a reputation for running and manging larger and larger projects.  The nature of these became more pressurised on him and also I have to confess the pressure at home drove him to work hard to bring about a better and more secure future for us.  While I was working and my career was starting to rise I had to put things on hold while we looked after our 2 nieces while my sister was being treated for cancer, and while this was on Mick was actually providing the financial support to 2 parts of the family.

it was only after my sister came out of remission and was back to full health that I returned to work and I started to have more time with Mick.  I was starting to rise in my career and enjoying getting back into the work and promotion, and to have 2 very competitive people in the home was starting to cause friction.

If I had been less focussed on getting my career back on the upward push I may have noticed that my husband wasn't quite right.  He had taken on large projects in the UK, Europe and also out in the Middle East, I didn't realise that he was working 16 hour days and his sleep pattern was that of only 2 hours the rest of the time in bed was with his brain still solving problems and planning the days, weeks and months ahead.

Financially he had secured our home and the home of my sister and her children, but unknown to me at the time all this had been done at significant cost to his health. So when we had our arguments and rows I didn't realise that I was really hurting him.

And then one morning I found the person that I loved as a broken crying heap on the floor.  this man that had been the strong supporter and provider for not just me but also my family was crying and begging for my forgiveness for not being good enough.

Well that Man is my husband, and the only thing that he wasn't good enough in was to recognise that we had taken him for granted, I had not realised what he was doing to himself and that he was doing it for us.

That day changed our lives and on how we approach things.  we spoke and talked for the whole day.  I started to understand what was driving him and why.  I poured out my heart to him as well and let him know my feelings.

Financially we were very secure, my sister had her health back and the girls had been loved and taken care of during a difficult period and were now in a stable home, in a large part down to the work and effort of my Mick, but at the cost of his health.

we went and got some advice and there were some really great and helpful people out there.  the bottom line was that we needed to step back and for a significant change in lifestyle and pace for Mick.

The change in pace took over a year to put in place which was probably a good thing as it allowed Mick to slowly come down from fast pace work life rather than a shock stop.  This allowed him to reduce his work load but also to keep his reputation in good order and made life easier to move to a more controlled and managed Consultancy style of working.

We worked to get Mick's confidence back, not in the working world but in our relationship.  As ever Mick wanted to allow me to do what I wanted to do and pursue some of the challenges that I had put on hold while we looked after our nieces.  So Mick encouraged me to take the lead in the relationship and he would become the supporter of me.

one of the groups that provided help and support to us introduced us to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) or talking therapy and they pointed out that we were 2 Alpha type characters trying to compete with each other, and while their suggestion was that we both need to let go at times it was Mick that said he needed to let go the most.

We chatted again through things over weeks and while in the past we had been very adventurous sexually and had played a few Sub Dom games I had recognised that Mick did have a strong submissive side.  I discussed this and yes it was true and Mick confessed that he genuinely didn't see himself as my equal, he had driven himself hard to provide for my and the family not because he felt he was the bread winner but because he felt obliged to prove to me how hard he could work for me.

This was a shock and a revelation, in the strange and almost perverse way his devotion to me had almost driven him to destruction.

This was a moment to pause.  This was a man that I loved and who without my knowledge had almost destroyed himself for me.  I now had a duty to ensure that he didn't do it again.

We spoke again long and in detail about this and we felt that our relationship needed to change, our whole dynamic.  I needed to protect Mick, mostly from himself and his drive and to channel his devotion in a more positive and less harmful way.  so I set some ground rules, Mick add some that he felt would be appropriate to keep him in lane and at the time we didn't realise that we were creating the solid basis for what anyone on the outside would consider a Female Lead Relationship (FLR)  only once I had done some reading did I realise that we had created a FLR.

Once this was started we began to rebuild.  The move and promotion at work provided the method to restart things.  I needed to take charge and Mick wanted to be stay in the defined relationship roles - Me at the head and him in support.  It was at this point I reached out and found Carol to helped to further develop our FLR and to teach me how to be the Lead in our relationship.  Carol didn't create Madam Alice but she just allowed that part to be released and we haven't looked back.

We created billie so that we could make a very defined difference in character for Mick, billie is where he is definitely submissive, where we remove the Alpha male and make sure that his submission is focused and channelled for his own good.  it removes pressure from Mick and provides an outlet for some of that frustration and stress that comes from some of Micks projects.  over time we have increased the role and function of billie and this has worked brilliantly for Mick.

so the plan is that with more time as billie then there is less stress on Mick.  this is progressive and consensual.  the old Mick is still there we see him occasionally and he's still an aggressive bastard that wades in to fix projects, the difference is that once it's fixed he wades out just as fast.  which is good and show s that Mick understands himself a lot better.

So the hope is that once Mick reaches 60 we can move him a lot more into being billie, there will be no hormones, no breast surgery, no sex changes - none!!  I have a husband and I love him as the loving submissive that he is and that he needs to be.  Billie will spend as much time as possible enfemme, we will get some good quality breast form for him, possibly a couple of pairs in different weights.  we'll seriously consider removing all body hair from the eyebrows down.  we have discussed a tattoo - an ownership mark or statement above his caged penis.  I'd like to have his nipples and navel pierced and I threaten to have his tongue pierced as well (im not 100% sure on the tongue piercing yet but kerri has one and it certainly is "different").

so we - and I do mean we - have plans for billie but they are for good reason, they aim to maintain our FLR and are for the good health and well being of my husband who I love very much.

Alice X

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Another Milestone achieved and an open discussion with Madam.

Well I've passed the 180 days in chastity milestone this week.

On Tuesday evening I sat down with Madam for evening meal, she invited me to eat with her and we had an evening of chatting about things, it was very relaxed and we enjoyed a bottle of Red between us.

Madam asked me how I was coping with the chastity and also with the way things were going with life, the FLR and myself.  Now this isn't an unusual occurrence between Madam and I, this is Alice doing a health check on her husband.

we were both open and honest with each other, which you have to be and there has been times during these types of chats when I've had to be very frank and honest about my feelings, my emotions and how things have developed or how I perceive things may develop.  Our chat on Tuesday was just fine and there wasn't any worries or concerns

On my chastity - I'm fine with the confinement and the duration, especially as there are outlets for my frustrations, truth be told I am probably mores sexually active and intimate with Madam (and Sir) while in chastity than when out of it.  so all good on that point.

On the sexual use with John - again I'm fine with this and do actually get turned on by it and enjoy it, yes he can be forceful, but always within bounds and also he isn't nasty or mean with it.  He get the relationship of the FLR, the Sub and Dom aspect and added to which we both get on in normal life.  I pointed out to Madam that there was probably a bigger shift in the relationship of now having a Straight Alpha that is more comfortable with bi activities.

On Madam going on holiday - again I'm fine with that as she is going with John but I was disappointed that kerri wasn't available to visit but that is real life and work.

From Madam:

My chastity will continue until Christmas.  Madam wants me to prepare for long term chastity wear going forward.

My bi sexual submission, Madam explained that she was really pleased about the way that I felt and that I was getting sexual enjoyment and turn on from the chastity, submission and being used by her and Sir.  she really enjoys watching me submit to John and also is turned on when she receives oral from me or fucks me with her strap-ons.

My feminisation, this will continue at a slow steady pace.  no big changes but the big change will happen when I move towards retirement.  so selective shaving of hair, more female outfits and clothes, underwear must be female unless permission given by Madam.  I should view my self as house wife, maid and secretary and make more effort to use female and sissy terms for myself.  She still wants me as Mick from time to time, both as her husband and sexual partner, but billie is now the default.

we chatted about a lot of things, none of these things were surprises and none of it scared me, this was a road that we both needed to travel and I'm happy to walk down it holding the hand of my wife and lover.  Our relationship is very secure but I'm sure that it's just different from the "normal".  but it works for us.

so with a bottle of red empty and some good honest talk, Madam told me to change into something naughty for bed and go up and wait for her.  Well I didn't wait too long and my Mistress complemented me on being her slutty wife and took out one of her strap-ons so that she could fuck me into full submission.  Once she was content we settled down to making love to each other and finally we fell asleep together.  We've been married for a long time and it is moments like this that let you know that you still love each other - I know it's all very soppy but hey it's our marriage and it's what makes it work!

Billie xxx

(just to be clear I was in my cage at all times)

Saturday, 19 October 2019

Understanding our Blog, our readers and a Thank You

Having had a bit of time this morning, Madam and Sir didn't get back until late and are having a late start, I thought that I'd do some work on the blog pages.

Having spotted the "stats" button in the Blogger page I thought I'd have a look and see what it's purpose was.

it's interesting in that it shows where the readers of the blog are from and more importantly how they got to the blog.  By that it means to explain what websites refer people to the blog.  While google seems to be the main reference the second principle reference is from people finding the site from another blog  which is Poppet Sub Slut's Blog -

Poppet has been a big contributor to the comments on this blog and that interaction is a great support and encouragement to me working on this blog.  so a big thank you to Poppet for putting our blog on his blog side bar.  if you haven't been to Poppet's blog, please go and visit, it's a great FLR blog and he is a lovely person who always blogs some great stuff.

The other thing that has become clear is putting tags and labels on posts has also helps to allow the post to be found, so I'm now going to have to be more of these with each post.

so a big thank you to all of you for coming to see what we are up to, and your interest and support really do encourage us to keep blogging.


billie xxx

Friday, 18 October 2019

An Update from billie

Well it's been business at usual here in our FLR, with Madam away last week I kept myself busy with my work - the exception being last Wednesday where I was at Master's house looking after his needs and requirements on behalf of Madam.

I didn't get home until 1am and I was rather worn out - tired and sore would be a way of putting it.  so last Thursday was a deliberately slow day for me...…

Madam was home on Friday evening and as usual I had missed her and as Madam stated in her post last night I was dressed and waiting for her.  While Madam did say that she was a bit rough with me I didn't see it that way, she was very Dominant and very specific about her needs and wants and I was more than happy to comply with her demands and instruction.

It is one of my best pleasures to bring Madam to orgasm and to do that several times last Friday was an amazing honour for me.  I was fortunate enough that once she was satisfied and I had bathed her that she told me to stay and sleep with her.  so I changed into one of my teddies and fresh stockings and cuddled in her until she fell asleep.

Sir came round on Saturday for the weekend and the main announcement was that the hotel that we would have been visiting in August was finally back open and while they had reimbursed the money for the cancelled visit they has offered a very good deal for a break, which Madam and Sir were going to accept.  So they would be going for a 4 day break at the hotel and Sir had managed to get a good package to Cape Verde for a week, so he and Madam would be getting some winter sun.

Madam called Mistress Carol to see if kerri would be free to look after me  for a week but unfortunately kerri has already been told by her work that she can get a long holiday until the new year.  The good news is however that everyone has agreed that both kerri and I will be allowed to go for a break somewhere in the new year.

We made the most of the reasonable weather on the Saturday but with the rain on Sunday, Sir and Madam spent the bulk of the day in bed with me in full submissive maid mode, serving drinks and food, cleaning Madam and Sir, being humiliated and generally being frustratingly happy to be their submissive cuckold.

On Monday I spent time in the office looking at my programme of works and seeing what I could deal with while Madam would be away.  I knew one of my clients wanted a project review carried out and another was looking for some consultancy advice for a future proposal so after a few calls these have been booked and arranged, so there will be a trip up to York and Newcastle on the cards, that will have me away for a couple of nights each so that will keep me busy while Madam is away.

We are approaching 180 days in chastity and to be honest I'm quite comfortable with the cage and my frustrations, I really do enjoy them, but that is mainly due to the fact that I am probably having more sex now that I did when uncaged.  the only difference is that I am in a different role.  I don't penetrate, I am the one that is penetrated and serves, The emotional and sexual feelings of being submissive to Madam is difficult to describe, but I know one thing that I wouldn't swap it for the world.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

An update from the Head of the Household

From Madam Alice:

Evening everyone,

I haven't posted a blog for a while and I thought that I had best put a few things out there on our blog.

Normally I would be spending Wednesday Evening's either over at John's house or having a Horse Riding Lesson, but the horse I normally ride is lame at the moment and resting and John is away with his work for 2 days.  So I'm here in the study tapping away while I have billie bring me Tea and Biscuits - at the moment I have a nice side plate with a Chocolate digestive, some shortbread and a  couple of  hobnobs, I'm afraid they won't be going back in the biscuit tin!

Last week I was away working down at Bristol at our offices down there.  I like being part of our assurance/ audit team as it gets me to see other parts of our company and it's really interesting to see how things are done.  However I did have hosiery envy for the week, as you may know I wear Stockings as part of my normal working dress, always have since I started work from leaving school and I've very rarely worn trousers for work either, so it has pretty much always been knee (or shorter)length skirt and stockings and suspenders.

Well one of the teams that I was asked to review was headed up by this very nice Asian lady, and boy did she have legs!  she wore Fishnets and while they aren't a particular favourite of mine she really suited them and she looked amazing.  Yes the bi sexual part of me did get slightly turned on by her, it would appear that it isn't just hubby who has a stocking fetish!.  it also wasn't helped that the 2 other girls in the team (mid twenties is my guess) where also wearing nylons.  I have no idea how the 3 male project mangers in the team managed to concentrate!

before I go any further I just want to say that nothing happened but it was an eye opener for me to be turned on like that.  when I got home on Friday evening Billie was told to be in FF Stockings and Basque and to get straight to dealing with my week long itch with her tongue (ok it wasn't week long - I scratched that itch a few times myself while I was away.)  I have to confess I was rather rough with billie but she didn't seem to mind and she definitely knows how to satisfy with her tongue, I love my sissy hubby!

Other news is that we have our trip away booked for the back end of November, but billie will not be coming with us.  We were going to send her down to be with Kerri for a week but Kerri can't get time off.  billie has been proactive and managed to fill the time with work with some of his major clients and so will have a few days on the road over that period.  he is heading back up to York and also to Newcastle.  he is also waiting to see if he can move another project into this period so he may well be quite busy while John and I are away enjoying each other.

However don't fear, we are arranging a little bit of time away for billie and kerri in the near future so they won't miss out on having a break away together.

I've been spoiling billie and I've purchased another chastity for the little dear.  this one will be a punishment chastity and will not replace the current small metal on that he/she currently wears.  this will be swapped over for short period wear as a punishment or even just to amuse me.  I wanted to see what it would be like for her to wear one with a urethral tube and that's what I've got for her.  it will be interesting to see what happens while she is in this current frustrated drippy state when I use the strap-on while she wears the new cage and tube.  She hasn't seen it yet, she know I have it but she'll just have to wait to get it.

we've (John and I) also just bought her a new dildo, it's the same length as John but just a little bit less girth.  we decided that she should have a new travelling companion for when she is away overnight with work and since she has been very much focused on serving John during this period of chastity we thought that we had best let her have her own training aid to make sure that she keeps fit while away.

One of the things which I am considering putting together  for when billie is away with work is a small set of training programmes/ schedules that she must do each day as part of her routine while she is away from home.

so far I am thinking of making her put on her sissy exercise out fit with tracksuit on top and go for a jog/ walk each morning at 6am.  In the evening she should do any work in a skirt and blouse and also to get her to do a period of corner time and also a period of oral and anal training with dildo's and her plugs.

John suggested that when she is in the corner that she faces the wall and listens to some instructions from me or even the sounds of myself and john having sex.  while this does spark my interest I will probably just use the sound track from some porn and combine it with instructions from me.  I want billie to focus on what she can hear so I'll make sure that she takes one of her hoods and the Bluetooth headphones that she has.  I think that 30-40 minutes corner time in heels and lingerie while plugged and gagged while listening to something "interesting" will do as a nice bit of training for her.

Oral training may well be done to a metronome to set a suitable time/ beat for her to suck her dildo version of her Master.  There seem to be plenty of these programmes on the internet but I'd really like on that could be set to alter the beat/ pace at different times.  As well all know when jiving a Blow Job you don't just stick to one steady pace.  so if any one knows of a variable metronome programme let me know in the comments.

I'd also be open to suggestions or ideas for anal training for my hubby while she is away. something that would last 30 - 40 minutes and help to tire her out ready for bed.  Again anyone with ideas please put them in the comments and we can have a look at them.

I think that's enough for now, we have plenty to look forward to over the next few weeks and I'm sure that billie will be providing updates for you.

Alice XXXX

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

The Cat is away but the mouse still does what it's told.

Madam is currently away in Bristol for the week with work.  This normally happens once or twice in the year as she is part of her Company's audit and compliance team.  This isn't as harsh as it may sound as basically a team from one office or project Team go and do a check on processes and projects at another.  Madam quite enjoys it and regularly gets selected to take part.

So having left on Monday morning we won't see her back until Friday evening and based on past experience she'll be knackered from the journey back, so Friday will be a nice hot bath, a bit of a massage and a bit of very gentle oral work from me to help her relax and then off to bed for her.  Master will probably be over for breakfast on Saturday and that will start their weekend.

I'm not left to my own devices, there are my usual jobs to be done, as well as a few Work Projects to finalise and get issued.  Madam phones each evening to me to catch up with things and she also calls Sir for a more "intimate chat".  During my phone call I'll be asked what I've been upto and also to prove what I'm wearing and that may mean that I have to immediately open up skype so that Madam can see that I am fully compliant with her dress policy or if she has set instructions that I'm following her directions.

So at the moment I've just finished my cleaning tasks and have changed to blouse and dark blue skirt to go to the office to work on one of my projects for a client, once I've finished this blog entry, so all dressed as Miss billie, secretary and assistant to Mr Mick Luff the consultant.

When Madam goes away she will often leave instructions in envelopes or boxes with dates and times on them for me to open and to comply with.  I've already had 2 envelopes, Monday was to order some particular stockings for Madam and also to go to Sir's house and collect his washing - but to travel there in skirt and blouse.  Tuesday's envelope told me that my self imposed social media ban was ended and that I should start blogging again.

Today's envelope which I opened at 9am informed me that I am to take Sir's washing back this afternoon, washed and ironed and have it put away in his wardrobes.  I'm to have this all completed by 5pm and change into my Maids Uniform and be ready for serving Sir for the evening.  As Madam puts it, have a whisky ready for his arrival, a plan to feed him for the evening and to take care of his "other needs" considering that she isn't there to do it.

So this afternoon I'll be pressing my short maids uniform and packing my basque, black stockings, wig, make up and heels so that I can give a good impression for Sir's arrival hope and to make sure that I can make sure that he is happy with my evenings service and compliance with Madam's wishes.

It could be a long night.....

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

A Quick Post - Asking the Wrong Question to the Right Answer

Evening Folks,

I haven't posted  for the last 2 weeks as Madam felt that I should take a short break from the Social Media thing after my rant about Pintrest and other stuff, and that was a sensible thing to do.

We've been busy over the last couple of weeks with just doing our thing, I've even managed to have a game of golf with John (Mick and John are both equally dreadful at golf but we do enjoy the effort), I think that we managed to get the last good day of the weather.

so what is the jist of this post, well I 've had several emails and messages asking how I'm finding my enforced chastity during Loctober…….. and they kind of go like this....

"How you coping with Loctober?"

"Eerrr…..????  I'm not doing loctober."

"Yes you are! your in chastity!  your Mistress has put you in chastity because you as a submissive cuckold, yadda yadda yadda...."

"I'm not doing Loctober, Madam put me in Chastity back in April."

"Yes, but it is Loctober.."

"whoa there sunshine!  October is just another frustrating month that I have to pass through on the way to either a release in late November or at Christmas"

"Isn't your Mistress going to release you at the end of the month?"


and with that I either get a "Oh, that's a bit of a sod" (no it isn't) or what have you done to upset her - nothing, have you read my profile or my blog....queue shameless plug for this blog....

and so it is that I explain that my chastity is an important part of our relationship and an important part of allowing me to focus on what pleases Madam, it's grown to be more than just a once a year event and it isn't anything bad, if anything it has improved a lot of things for me and Madam.

If you are locked for the month - enjoy the frustrations and sensations and if you are locked up normally... well just keep doing what you do or have to do.

PS I had a message from Madam who is working away she has purchased another metal chastity for me.  I suspect that this is either a smaller one or one with a urethral tube fitting.  I'll just have to wait and see.

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

The Puritans Strike again!!! (Warning! - this post contains Rants!!)

As usual one of my morning tasks is to find 10 images, photo, gifs videos each day and select them and explain to Madam why I have chosen them.

These images may be chosen as they are a turn on, erotic, fit with the FLR lifestyle, something that we have discussed or even just because I like the look of it - in the pasted I selected everything from BDSM images through to a landscape photo of part of the Lake district that I though would be nice for us to visit.

So long as I can explain or give a reason why I've selected the image and how it would be of interest to Madam, our lifestyle and me is fine.  (a poor reason may result in an addition comment to my performance review).

One of the often used sources is Pintrest, it is a good source of all sorts of images but it can be a real twat when it comes to it's moral code on porn, erotica etc.  I regularly have had pins deleted, I've had boards deleted but when the account has been threatened I've been given  warning and then self purged the images (down load to my hard drive).

The majority of these images are D/s, FLR and sissy related, but the bizarre ones have been that the couple of history folders that I've had have also been deleted.  My Grandad served in the Army during WW2 and I would have a folder of WW2 images relating to the British Army that I used for research into his career and another that looked at the History of the Midlands during the Victorian period (Hey everyone needs a hobby and this FLR is a lifestyle not just for fun!!!) and both those folders get regular deletions.

Well having gone to pick some images this morning I found that our account had been suspended, no warnings, no indication, the last time we had an image removed was in July and since then loads of recommendations from Pintrest (some I thought might be a bit too risky) and then bang! account suspended.

while I have put in an appeal we'll see where this goes, the suspicious bastard part of me does note that this is almost 2 years to the day that we had the Wordpress Blog deleted - is September the month of the Censor?

I'm quite glad that we have reopened our Flickr account recently as I'm getting a bit tired of this battle with sites such as Pintrest, Tumblr and others.  we opened a twitter account as that seemed to be where a lot of Tumblr refugees went to, but it does seem that there is less and less places to go and far more restrictions, I do wonder about this censorship, where will it end? and what will be end result?

I keep politics out of our blog, we have blog friends who have very different views from us and that is a great and healthy thing to have in society, and different views should be allowed in areas of sex, religion, race and culture.  If you try and remove some of these views to start to develop 1984 types of "group think" and that creates people that become herd animals and some that get pushed to the extreme edges and for the majority that are pushed to the edges they are actually mainstream people who just won't conform to the herd.  It doesn't make them extreme just bloodly different but the risk is that they will be classed as extreme by the "Herd".

There are new puritans out there and I worry that their view of the worlds will impact on more of us, God forbid that "dare to be different" becomes a battle cry for some and a crime for others.

well I'll finish now as Madam will be home shortly and I need to make sure that I have her bath run and a glass of wine ready.

G'Night all, and mind how you go......

billie xxx

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

An almost vanilla weekend

As I've mentioned before our plans for the Bank Holiday weekend were cancelled due to the hotel having problems due to damaged accommodation, but we have plans for later in the year.

Now normally I am dispatched down to Mistress Carol's home for 4 days and then everyone heads off to meet up for a big get together.  However with the cancellation things completely changed.

Everyone cancelled the planned holiday time off and worked as normal and we all decided that we would all come to our home for the Bank Holiday weekend.  so on Friday Afternoon we had Mistress Carol and her Partner (she always states that she is too old to have Boyfriend and he is too old to be a boy!) and her husband Kerri (Kevin) arrive mid afternoon.  Madam Alice arrived home from work very soon after that and Sir arrived about 6pm.

The weekend was very relaxed for all of us, with everyone enjoying several bottles of wine and generally catching up.  Myself and Kerri were invited to join in the evening and everyone just help themselves with the bit of a buffet and the drinks.

Kerri is very much full time dressed, apart form at her work where she works in one of the area offices of a high street bank.  so she was kitted out in a blouse, skirt and stockings, and I was in a short skirt, stockings and satin blouse.

The sleeping arrangements for the weekend was an indication that it was a relaxed weekend with Madam and Sir in the Main (Mistress) Bedroom, Mistress Carol and partner in the main guest room and Kerri and I sharing the small guest room.  now this isn't unusual as I often share a bed with Kerri and between Madam and Mistress Carol they have encouraged me to consider Kerri as a Girlfriend and my mentor in my submissive development.

So bed time arrangements where very simple, both of us are caged, we both sleep in lingerie and our respective Spouses allowed us to "enjoy ourselves" when we went to bed.  so a quick trip down to my room fetching lube, toys and "things", only to find that Kerri had brought some of her own toys.  I have to say, I do love spending time with my girlfriend and I was very tired in the morning, but that seemed to be the case with everyone.

Saturday was a  very relaxed day with a BBQ starting mid afternoon.  Masters John and Danny (Mistress Carol's partner) took charge of the cooking as "cooking with fire" is a bloke thing, I was relegated to sitting with Madam and Mistress and kerri.  Again no real FLR or Dom/ Sub play and all just very vanilla friends chatting and having a laugh.

Sunday had kerri and I up and on the go in Maids uniforms tiding up and cleaning the debris from the previous evening with a brunch prepared for everyone at 10.30am.  the house made presentable and everyone fed we went and changed and myself and kerri headed out for a wander in the local woods.  I have to admit kerri did take advantage of me a couple of times when we were out with a couple of heavy kissing sessions, and when you have 2 people in chastity turning each other on, it's not a good situation!!!!!!!

That evening we had a meal booked in a Restaurant, or so I thought.  as everyone was getting ready Kerri and I were summoned to the living room and told that we would be driving to and from the restaurant for the evening.  but we would need to get ready.  we were to both wear black bra's, suspenders knickers and stockings.  Kerri would wear a sheer blouse and mid thigh skirt  and her heels.  I was to wear a coloured blouse with a male tie and black trousers - no socks and flat shoes - but I was to have clear nail varnish on.  Mistress Carol wanted me to have a clear lip gloss on but Madam stopped her on that.

both of us were to have butt plugs in for the evening!!

we were then told that we were not dining with Madam and Mistress but we had been booked into a small Italian restaurant close to where the "Grown Ups" would be dining.  we were to have our meal and enjoy the evening and we would be called when to come and pick up everyone.

The final blow was that Madam would put a tartan mini skirt, sheer white blouse, heels and a make up bag in the boot of kerri's car.  When we got the call to pick up our spouses and their partners, I was to make sure that I was changed out of my male clothes and into the skirt and heels and add some make up - full blown red lipstick was suggested  and eye shadow etc and my male clothes must be placed in the boot of kerri's car.

Now kerri has been dressing in public for over 20 years, she carries it off really well and we have been out together loads of times and she is fantastic at being fem - either very girly, very fetish - what every she wants. so I'm pretty comfortable with what she does and being with her.  I on the other hand am not very fem, my best efforts have me as a submissive in a dress for humiliation reasons - don't get me wrong I love it and thrive on it, but even on a good day and a dark night I'm not going to pass!! - just saying!

 Either way it was a brilliant night, we dropped our Dom's off at the Pub/Restaurant in our two cars and we headed a couple miles further on to the Italian.  we found a discrete parking area and got the cars next to each other and went and had our meal - really nice venue, good food and enjoyed the evening.  about 11pm we got a text telling us that Madam was ready to be picked up.

we didn't dawdle, we headed back to the cars and I quickly changed, slipping off trousers and slipping on skirt - stocking tops were very much on show with this skirt, tie off, blouse off and new blouse on - the black bra was really on show and I slipped on the 4" heels and then kerri picked up my male clothes and popped them in the boot while I added some make up, trying not to be too hasty and ending up looking like a clown!.

With all that achieved without being noticed by a passer by we headed off to pick up our Spouses.

The pub car park was very well lit, Damn those LEDs and their illumination!  Thankfully there wasn't too much delay and everyone was ready to go and we got on the road quite quickly.

Once home, we all headed to the living room and wine was poured including for myself and kerri.

Now we aren't swinger (??) but there are established relationships.  Madam and Sir are partners and there are no other male partners (I'm classed as her submissive husband but we don't have sex, we make love when she wants, but no other male sex partners in the relationship.)  

Madam is Bi Sexual with Mistress Carol, but not anyone else.

Master John and Master Danny, are committed to their sex partners and both will have sex with their respective cuckold submissives.

I am allowed to have a submissive relationship with Kerri as my TV girlfriend (and occasional TV Mistress) but there is no unprotected sex between us (chastity/ condoms- consider your definition of safe sex).

so if you can follow that rather complicated path you can see the dynamics of our relationship and the friendship that we have.

By about midnight and after a few glasses of wine we were ready for bed.  Madam and Mistress had decided that they wanted to play with each other and were down to their underwear giving quite a show to everyone and with that Master Danny told Kerri and I to go to bed.  As a parting call Madam broke off her kiss with Mistress to tell us that we should bring tea up at 9am and have a brunch planned for later in the morning, her last comment before we left was "enjoy yourselves! 'Night Night!"

Yes we did enjoy ourselves.  a chastity 69 is frustrating but when you are using a vibrator or dildo on your partner while sucking their locked clit penis can be very erotic!

On the Monday morning there was some very tired looking people with quite a bit of hangovers, so the brunch was very appreciated for everyone.

We waved Carol, Danny and kerri off at about 3pm, after a really enjoyable weekend.  I think we probably enjoyed our "staycation" as much or even more that our usual holiday break.  it was great having our close friends with us as guests for the weekend and I do love spending time with kerri.  Madam knows that there is fondness between us and while it isn't a love, it is a friends with benefits type of thing and she has said it is what she wanted me have, so that I had a close friendship with someone that understood what was going on for us.

so overall a great weekend, lots of fun and quite relaxing with only a few moments of "excitement/ public humiliation", overall it was almost quite vanilla!