Monday, 12 August 2019

Charity Shop brousing

On Friday Madam had the day off and so we went into town.  The grocery shopping was done and we decided to have a trip round the shops.

One of the things that we do regularly do is have a look in some of the charity shops to see if there is anything interesting to be had.

While there is often interesting things and really nice clothes, and having a look for things that would be in both our sizes can be a challenge for me.

One of the things that Madam did spot was a 2 piece skirted suit, a navy blue with a wide pinstrip, .  Madam really liked the suit but not for her, she thought that it would be ideal for me to wear in my office, unfortunately it was a size 14 and the reality is that I'd need a 16 skirt and while a 16 jacket would fit an 18 would be better. (a size 16 blouse does work for me )

Madam liked the idea of the suit as I normally always wear a jacket and tie when I go out to work and I have one to hand in the office when I have a Skype meeting.  it's part of giving that professional image.  Madam mentioned that perhaps we should apply the same logic for my move forward with my increased dressing and wardrobe.

The one thing that she did say was that if the suit had fitted we would have been heading to a seamtress and have the skirt shortened, to be at my stocking tops.

we have already created my secretary wardrobe for office wear, with the short skirts and Madam does like the pussy bow blouse look for me as she thinks that on a her submissive husband it does add to the sissy look for me and that it is a look that she feels is appropriate for me but she does like the idea of adding a skirt suit to the wardrobe for me.

so while we were not successful on this hunting trip I'm sure that we will be on the look out for a suitable suit for me, we'll wait and see what we may find in the charity shops, if one that is suitable doesn't turn up we may be off to see what Marks and Spencer's have in the mix and match suits.

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

The Joys of censorship....Falling into the trap again!

If you have followed this blog for a while you'll know that we originally had a blog on Wordpress and which was deleted due to adult content, we also have a Pintrest account which regularly get used to find my daily 10 images that I'm required to find for Madam, to then explain why I selected them.

The problem is that we have a regular problem with Pintrest, we regularly get emails telling us that they will suspend my account because that I have unsuitable images, the thing that gets me is that we purge the boards that we have and hide some others but the reoccurring trend seems to be that Pintrest send me a email "suggested images we think you'll like" and I have a look and think "yes there is some good photos or images and I save the image and then Pintrest spring their trap!!

"we have deleted an image that violated our terms of service, if we find any more we will suspend your account!"

I'd just like to point out you twats - you sent me the bloody image in the first place!!!

It seems that I keep forgetting about this particular trap that Pintrest keep setting for the unwary!

oh well, time to down load all the ones that I want to keep and purge the boards.

This is the image that was unsuitable not sure what the problem is? is it bondage, is it sex. What is the particular issue?

Oh well bloody Puritans!

Sunday, 4 August 2019

A target reached - 100 days.

From Madam Alice

so far I haven't unlocked billie, normally he is unlocked when we go on our summer holiday, but I wanted to have a holiday that would be a trip away for both Mick and billie. we've now passed the 100 days marker  - its 103 now.

so when will I unlock him?  well the answer is that I don't know, I like the fact that he is very easy to arouse at the moment.  I've been using the strap on with him quite regularly and this weekend I've had the guilty pleasure of watching my darling husband leaking like mad and responding back to being fucked by my boyfriend.

I really do find it a massive turn on watching billie behaving like a submissive tart/ slut under my direction and submitting to John.  The dynamic of the Dom/ sub or Alpha/beta is just one aspect that is a turn on but the willingness to submit which does also appear to have a linked connection to the extended period in chastity really does get me excited.

It also doesn't help that I'm usually next to billie encouraging him and telling him how much he is leaking cum, on occasions catching it in my hand and showing it to my penetrated husband before making him lick it all up.

so with all of the sex that he has had recently, can we say that he has had an orgasm?  well it is entirely possible that he has,  but as he is caged I'm happy that these don't count.  our counter will only return to zero when he has a orgasm when he is out of chastity - either when we make love or through conventional masturbation (unlikely as that is likely to happen).  Masturbation for my sissy husband has been for the last few years via the use of vibrators or dildos.

So Billie's chastity will continue for a little while longer, and I will continue to enjoy the erotic turn on that it gives me.

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Still not unlocked

We arrived back from our holiday on Saturday evening, after a week of pretty good weather we travelled back through showers, so we picked the week just right for the best of the weather.

We haven't been to Scotland for about 10 years and it was great to have been back. I spent quite a bit of time dressed in female clothing, not always fully Fem but the bulk of the clothing was female.

the other thing was that I wasn't unlocked.  Madam had brought one of her Strap-ons with her and she used it quite a lot on me.  I'm approaching 100 days in chastity and I have been leaking a lot when I'm being fucked by Madam.

There was also several occasions when Madam was quite dominant and aggressive in her sex with me.  Yes there was a lot of leakage on those occasions, Luckily I packed plenty of panties and knickers to deal with all my leaking and dripping over the week.

so we are back and we had been looking forward to our usual get together at the August Bank Holiday but things may be changing with that - Madam, Sir and Mistress Carol and her Partner normally meet up for the weekend after I've spent a few days with Mistress Carol and Kerri.  however there appear to be a booking problem with the hotel so we are waiting to see what happens there.

So at the moment I need to get on with my jobs, I need to make sure that the washing is done and we are all ready for the weekend, I'll also work out what needs to go on my shopping list for tomorrow.  the work of Madam's maid doesn't end, no matter how drippy and damp her sissy knickers get!

billie xxx

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

It's Holiday time - but no release from Chastity

From Madam Alice,

We've started our holiday slightly earlier this year, mainly due to covering the project at work.  so last weekend was spent with my family up in Leicestershire and having a very nice day out at a local show looking at Horses until the rain came and forced us to take cover in the Beer Tent (I think it was actually called the hospitality tent but the jist was the same.

we decided this year that we would stay in the UK and Mick suggested that perhaps we could go to Scotland again, we hadn't been for about 10 years and the idea appealed to us both, so we left Leicester on Sunday afternoon and headed up to the Borders, Monday was spent travelling quite leisurely up into the Highlands and booking into a very nice hotel at Pitlochry.

This morning had us heading to Braemar through some stunning scenery of the Cairngorms where we have a cabin booked for the night.  Tomorrow we are exploring the local area and will be overnighting at a B&B in Ballater, before heading to have a few days in a cottage near Banchory.

All sounds lovely and it is....But....I've not unlocked billie/Mick.  I have my strap on in my bag and there will be lots of use of it, well there has been already, I just had to use the penis gag to ensure that billie didn't squeal too much when we spent Friday and Saturday night at Mother's!

We played a bit of fun as we travelled up the M1 and A1 on Sunday.  billie had his usual underwear on under his male clothes when we left Leicester and I pulled into a discrete area that we both know and I had him remove his trousers and shirt and replace it with a short skirt, blouse and his wig, a little make up and a pair of big sun glasses and we were off onto the Motor way.  since we were both now wearing short skirts and stockings we hitched the skirts up to show our stockings tops, all with the hope that some one might notice.

I'm sure that one or two lorry drivers did notice particularly when I had billie move her skirt a little higher just to show a bit of her knickers.  it was all quite fun and I must admit quite a turn on.  Billie could certainly tell I was excited by it all later that evening!

Billie will stay in chastity until we get back home and I will release her when we are back with John and we can do our traditional (its a new tradition) she can make love to me after john has had sex with me and while she has John "helping her" from behind.

I can be so cruel but it is fun.  this is as much a holiday for billie as it is for Mick, they seem to be enjoying it so far!

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Addition of counters to the Blog

Having seen several blogs with counters relating to time in chastity, Madam was keen to see if we could add a similar counter so we went looking for how we could find one and how to add the counter.

Thanks to Poppet and Steffie K for their advice and pointers and now we have 2 counters added to the side of the blog.

Now the time on the counters are close but not 100%.  The next reset will be a bit more accurate.

The time since last free orgasm is from when I last came when out of the chastity.  It doesn't cover any orgasm or cumming while in chastity - either by vibrators, frustrations or anal.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Chastity - Looking back and the way forward

On our last post Happy Pet - Poppet - left a comment

"Oh wow billie, what an amazing day you had. That must have been quite soethign to not only try things on in front of a stranger and her maid husband but then to also discuss chastity with them and show them your cage. i can only imagine it must have been both thrilling and terrifying but they sound like they were lovely people. Hats off to your Madam for requiring you to do this and thank you for sharing details of such a wonderful day.


p.s. and kudos to Madam for getting you to do this in the first instance!

p.p.s have you ever considered a smaller cage?"

I've been wearing a Chastity device on and off for about 14 years now, and to be honest the last 8-9 years has seen it become a more regular thing and it has been more full time since Master became my wife's boyfriend.

We started off with a CB-2000 back in 2005 and this was quite a new thing, the Tickleberry website at the time was the main source of information about these things and it really sparked Madam's interest along with Mistress Carol's, so after a bit of discussion and research we all headed up to London and Kerri and myself purchased a CB2000 each.

As an introduction it is alright but it is far from perfect, but for a bit of fun and chastity play it works.  but it isn't for long term wear.

next we purchased a CB6000 and that was a real bloody disaster.  The Back Rings were brilliant as a system and far more comfortable and while initially the cage was very comfortable I ended up in agony as during a trip out driving the plastic cage split - not good.  Apparently this was a common problem with early CB6000, but thankfully we found that the CB3000 cage was more robust and would also fit the CB6000 back rings.  also we found you could just by the separate parts so of we went with the our first hybrid cage.  this worked a real treat and served very well for quite some time.

we then decided to play around with a few things and Madam wanted to see how I dealt with the weight of a metal cage, and purchased an all metal CB6000.  Again this was very good and the smooth metal back ring was comfortable to wear but I did notice that there was room in the cage with my penis.  The weight was fine when supported in knickers but when kneeling and Madam was behind me with a strap on and there is no support then you become very aware of the weight.

About this time Mistress Carol had show Madam that she had downgraded her husband kerri to a CB6000s (small) and she suggested that it was time to do the same with me.

So we invested in a cheap CB6000s, only wanting to see how it worked, if OK then we would invest in a proper one.  In this case the back ring was poor but the cage was excellent.  I also found that I had perfected the routine on how to get myself into the smaller cage - however I definitely needed the biggest back ring.  By using the metal back ring of the Metal CB6000 and the cage from the CB6000s I ended up with a very comfortable cage that could be worn long term.  with slight adjustment to the size of trousers and the type of trousers it was pretty much the case that I could wear it with no distinct bulge or issues.

we've also purchased a CB6000 variant that is a cheap ebay purchase but it has pads that allow for the connection to a TENs unit which gives electrical pulses and that can be stimulating at low to medium levels and definitely a punishment when set high (but still very thrilling in a strange way???!!)  Madam also combines that with a E-STIM butt plug and it can make for an interesting session.

and then we come to my current one, the open metal cage.  this is comfortable and is great as the lock is internal so no need for an elastic band to hold the old padlock against the cage, and this keeps my penis tightly against my scrotum.  it is smaller than my CB6000s but more comfortable and easier to keep myself clean.  I'm unlocked less frequently and it is mainly for shaving and such like.

so down to Happy Pet's question what about the future - we may go to a smaller cage, we have been down sizing throughout our chastity journey so far, so it may well happen.  this current cage is small but comfortable, could I get smaller? possibly with time.

Madam has said that she is looking for a small metal chastity with a metal urethral tube for me to wear as a punishment chastity, so we will see what that entails.

It may sound bizarre to some but I do enjoy wearing my chastity, it makes me focus on Madam and pleasing her and that is the important thing for me and for our relationship as a whole.

Friday, 21 June 2019

Fitted for a new girdle

Yesterday was an experience, a nerve wracking experience but not unpleasant.

I set off from home to go and do my drop off of the report that I had been commissioned to carry out and to return the documents the company had supplied.  I was dressed smartly, but as per Madam's instructions.

My blue shirt was actually a blouse, and the trousers were actually woman's with the zip at the side, I wore a tie as I usually do and I had my jacket to hand for when I go out the car at Dartford.  No socks allowed, so my stocking clad ankles might be seen above my brogues.  Underneath was a black waspie/ clincher, plain top black stockings, satin knickers and a black balcony bra.  pretty much what I normally wear under a suit when I go to a work meeting, the outer layer was just more feminine if you really look.

so by 10.30 I had dropped the paperwork off and was on my way to Romford and the butterflies were raging in my stomach.  with traffic and searching for the house I got there about 11.20.

Madam had made it clear that I was not to go in with my jacket, tie or brogues, so the tie was removed and I slipped off the shoes, to be replaced with the my 2" heels - I bloody hoped I had the right house or the occupier of this one was going to be in for a real surprise!!

I knocked on the door and it was opened by a small lady, probably in her late 50's.

"hello, I'm looking for Trisha..."

I was given the once over "Oh, you're billie, come in, come in." and I was ushered into the house and the living room.

The woman was Trisha, very friendly  and quite chatty.  she called for her husband to get some tea for us and we chatted about my sizes and what Alice has asked for on the phone.  A couple of girdles, some longline bra's and a corselette if she had one that fitted.  apparently the stock had been sold cheap because of either missing size labels or incorrect labels.

Her husband came in and was a real surprise, fully made up with make up, wig and dressed as a 50's house wife may have looked - wow!

I was introduced to Alison, Trisha's house husband - Alistair - They had both run a couple of stalls selling underwear, hosiery, socks and pants, steady work and with some of their wholesale work they had done alright but now having gotten on in life, they had sold up and now did a little bit of ebay sales to tick over.

It was quite relaxing sitting in a strangers living room , as a male in female clothing with this lady and her crossdressed husband just chatting about things.

With Tea finished it was time to get started I was taken through to what had been the garage but was now the work room.  the room had a sewing maching and a few boxes of items.  apparently most of the items would be sold onto other market traders but they kept a few bits for selling on ebay or for those that had bought from them before such as us.

"Ok dearie blouse and trousers off...."  while it was a request it was direct.  I stripped off and stood there in my lingerie and popped my heels back on.

"Your wife said that you wouldn't get aroused with this, Not that I'm worried about that, Alison does it the whole time, don't you!"

I told her that I was caged and that an errection wasn't going to happen, well it would be contained.

"well lets get on then."

Alison was opening some packages and laying them out, girdles, a selection of longline bras and 3 corselettes.

Trisha looked at me and asked me to take my bra and waspie off and I was passed the first bra - nope too small, swapped and the next was better and then removed and then the next one tried and that was better.  with that in place Trisha asked Alison to pass a set of foam inserts and these were then inserted into the bra cups to fill it out.  This told me that I wasn't the first crossdresser or sissy to have been here for a fitting.

Next was the girdle, she had two types - open bottom and panty girdle.  The panty girdles just didn't fit as they were too small or way too big, so Alison put them back into their wrappers and back into the box.  The open bottom girdles were far better and there was 3 that fitted just fine - 2 black and 1 white, so they were set to on side.

The bra and girdle were removed and I stood in my panties and sagging stockings and the first black corseletted passed and tried on.  now there is a knack to putting these on, step into the corseletted, cross your ankles and then pull it up and then wriggle into it. it didn't fit and was then shrugged back down to the floor.  the same with the other black one but the white one was just fine, stockings were then attached to the short suspenders clips and the foam inserts added.

"Nice, that suits you dearie, nice bit of shape and smooth out line, yes I think that's just right for you."

she was right, it did the job squeezing me and holding me just enough without being too uncomfortable.

The corseletted was wriggled off and added to the bras and girdles in the fitting pile.  I was asked which ones I wanted and I confirmed that I would take a black and white long line bra, all of the girdles and the white corseletted - £10 for each bra, £12 for the girdles and £20 for the corselette.  Not bad

Trisha told me to put my waspie and bra back on, and as I was treading the suspenders under my knickers and attaching to the stockings I was asked if I would show her the cage.

I lowered my knickers and both Trisha and Alison had a good look at my cage and constrained penis.

the questions started to flow.

how long do you wear it for ?
how do you wash with it on?
is it painful?
what happen when you get erect?
how big are you out of the cage?
how do you put it on?

The questions from Alison was quite interesting - do you get aroused?  does it give a sexual buzz or thrill?  can you cum in it?

I had to explain that yes I can cum while wearing it but it mainly comes from being anally used or stimulated. (and also elements of the humiliation and being dominated).  I'm sure at this point I was very red faced, I certainly felt embarrassed.

Trisha asked how we started with chastity and if there were different types of chastity.  I explained my journey and the types we had used.  by now I was still in my underwear but we had migrated back to the living room with a mug of tea each - quite surreal really.  sat in someone's front room in my underwear with a woman and her crossdressed husband discussing chastity over a cup of tea and a custard cream!!  that's not a normal day for most people!!!

The two seemed genuinely fascinated by the chastity and the FLR that Madam and I have, there was a real interest in perhaps trying a chastity device and that was from Alison, so we promised to keep in contact if he needed any advice or more information.

I got dressed with my blouse and trousers, collected my purchases and thanked my hosts for the pleasant visit and the stress free experience of trying on the girdles.  I was hugged by both Trisha and Alison and waved on my way.  it was a really nice experience, so much so that I forgot to change out of my shoes and drove all the way back home in my heels.

Madam was really please with the purchases and I was required to model them for her but she was more impressed with my whole experience of going and being fitted.

I have to admit despite my worry it was a lovely day and I really do have to thank Trisha and Alison for making it a stress free experience - Thank you!

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Getting new underwear - all a bit nervous.

About 18 months ago Madam wanted to get some Shapewear and she hadn't been impressed with the options from M&S or Debenhams.  so after a bit of a search for some locally she drew a blank.  she had been looking for open Bottom girdles and a corseletted.

now she does have some very nice shape wear from What Katie Did, as I do as well, but she was looking for some day to day wear items, not too pricey and not too fancy either.  Her search took her to ebay and she found a seller that was clearing stock from an old lingerie shop.

So she ordered some items.  the seller contacted Madam to mention that of the 5 items she had ordered they were in 2 different sizes and could she confirm which size she wanted.

Well Madam emailed them back to say that she was aware of the size issue but she was ordering for her and she was also ordering 2 items for her husband.  The seller responded that she understood and she was familiar with this as her husband was also a dresser.

The items arrived and they were great, along with a small news letter explaining what this couple do and the other items that they sell.  stockings, underwear, shapewear, socks etc.  They apparently used to have a market stall but now do most of their selling on line.  if we wanted we could be informed if they got new stock in, Madam emailed them to say what she was interested in and to keep her in mind.

since then we have ordered a few items but we often get an email that they have a new clearance stock, a lot of it is stockings for Madam's work outfits. but occasionally there is something that comes in like a Basque or a waist clincher.

Now over the last 2 years my main underwear, particularly during the winter, is a open bottom girdle, long line bra and stockings for my normal working week.  My maid and secretary uniforms have these as my main stay lingerie.  during the hot weather it does become less constraining but still with stockings and suspenders.

my now normal office wear, well it has been for the last 2 years anyway- yes that is me!

Last week Madam received an email from the seller and informed her that they had some new stock in from couple of shops and traders and would she be interested.  Madam asked what sizes and explained she was looking for a few items for me to replace my older girdles and bras.

The seller told her that one of the batches was labelled up wrongly and hence they were cheap and while they were trying to measure them there was a risk that the sizing could be wrong.  Madam was still interested.....

"billie, come here dear!" I presented myself in the study in front of my wonderful Madam.

"Where are you going next Thursday with work?"

"Dartford Ma'am"

"That's quite close to Romford isn't it?"

"yes Ma'am, a couple of junctions back on the M25."

"thank you, you can go.." and I went back to my duties none the wiser.

About an hour later Madam came to the kitchen and popped the kettle on and asked what I was going to be doing at Dartford - "I'm basically dropping off an Audit Report for a company on one of their big construction projects."

"Why aren't you using a courier for that?"

The company had supplied a shit load of documents and drawings, some of which were commercially sensitive, so they had asked that I collect and return them in person.

"No meetings, just dropping them off?"

That was it, the client had the electronic draft copy already and they were paying for me to drop the hard copy and the other documents, so that was it, travel down, into the office, not far from the bridge, get the front desk to sign and then back in the car and head home, job done, thank you very much...……..however....

"Good, I've spoken to Trisha (the seller), they have some really nice stuff just come in and they think that it will probably be in your size, I want you to go to their house and pick up the items I've ordered."

"oh ok, no problem, probably be about a half hour detour to go in and pick it up if they are on the M25 side of Romford..."

"Ah, no my dear, it will probably take a bit longer as she is going to get you to try on a few items as they don't have the correct sizes on the labels, I've told her that you'll be popping in to try them on to get the right sizes"

I almost choked!  what?  "Sorry Ma'am, are you sure about this?"

"yes dear, you'll be fine, she knows about you being my sissy husband, and she thinks she has a few items that will be just fine for you, besides your black girdle and corseletted do need replacing."

and that was that.  so tomorrow morning I will set off on a trip that will involve underwear shopping but I'll be trying before buying.  this isn't going to be like a visit to a fetish shop, this is a visit to someone's house, someone that we've not actually met before.....

wish me luck!

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Reviewing the Maid

From Madam Alice

It has been a normal weekend here at home in our little bit of England, it's June and the weather is rather unpredictable - all very british!  but undeterred we have stayed Calm and Carried on.

on Friday I arrived home from work and was met at the door by my lovely hubbie in his French Maids uniform, waiting at the door with a glass of wine and to be told that my bath was ready (this is a very well planned routine -  text message when leaving work, general known travel time home on a Friday etc, billie has it off pat, and hearing the gates gives billie time to go and pour a glass of wine and get to the door, bless him, he is good.)

I bath and dress ready for John to arrive and when he arrives billie show him in and we kiss and cuddle while billie waits.  I chose one of my Black Basques and Fully fashioned stockings and my 5" stilettoes and I know that it drives both of my boys wild. I could feel John getting excited and the look on billie told me that he was uncomfortable in his cage.

But, and it is a But! I want to see Billie's frustration.  we've changed his cage earlier this year to a open metal cage, and I love it, the way it is smaller that his modified CB-6000s, the way that it holds him tight - his penis/clit against his balls, and also the way the penis/clit is forced down in its constrained submission.

I could make him remove the maids uniform, but that strips away the uniform of the submissive husband, I like him in his uniform, I like the way that it adds to his submissive nature and the way that he fulfils the role of my maid,

No the uniform must stay, so what to do?

Well billie has now been tasked to find a suitable maids uniform for just these occasions, his current one comes mid thigh and will show his stockings, but I want something that shows stocking tops and suspenders and where possible so that se can catch a regular glimpse of his little package in it's cage.

I want him to have it for after our summer holiday, so he has until September to find it, order it and if necessary go and have it fitted - I want it to fit, be short and still be suitable as a sissy maid uniform.

John has added his requirements as well, he wants billie to get a matching set of panties for the uniform but with a rear zip opening, he got the idea from one of billies daily image finds.

So we shall see what my submissive husband comes up with.

Monday, 10 June 2019

Managing a FLR lifestyle and preventing the vanilla coliding into it!

We've had an interesting few days here at home.  Madam is back to full health and enjoying herself as usual and Master has been here at home as well.

Several weeks ago we planned to have a BBQ for Saturday but the weather conspired against us so it was more of a an indoor grilling session.   now this is all part of looking a head and planning things and booking things.

While our family (well Madam's family really) think that this is a bit to formal they do accept it, they know that we value our privacy - for obvious reasons - and they know that they have to call before they turn up, we definitely don't do surprise visits.  They can turn up at short notice but at a good 30 minutes head start to change and to hide things helps!

so the scene on Saturday is Madam and Sir in the lounge and the table in the dining room set up with salad and nibbles.  I'm in the kitchen grilling some burgers and sausages with Master popping occasionally out to check on the meat that he had in a smoker outside.

There is a few ciders and white wines being consumed and we are determined not to be beaten by the crap weather.

Madam is looking fantastic is a light floral skirt but with a wool cardigan on and I'm pottering about in casual dress.

The phone rings at about 3pm and Madam answers it while I'm with Master sorting out the beef that he has brought in.  Madam comes in with her hand over the mic...

"Mick, it's your brother!"  Now the look on her face wasn't good and for her to use "Mick" was also telling.

I'm pretty much estranged from my side of the family.  They were a bad influence on my life and rather controlling in a bad way - my FLR with Madam is definitely very positive for me.  Now the issue that I have is that my brother shouldn't have the phone number.  it was given to my Mother only for emergencies - and mean is some one dies, that level of things.

"Ah Michael, glad I caught you at home.  we're in the Milton Keynes area and we thought we would come round and say hello, sort of catch up."

Now, I haven't been called Michael since I left home in the 80's and I'm not going to start again now, also the last person that I would want in my home would be my Brother.  If ever there was an intolerant Arse it is him.  If he wanted to see me there must be something afoot.

"What are you after?"

"oh just a catch up, it's been years..."

"It's been years for a fucking reason!"

and from that point I went into full rant mode, giving my brother both barrels from the "emotional shotgun" and telling him to go and fuck himself.

I pretty much left home when I was 17 to get away from the control of my family and headed back to the Midlands to live with my Uncle, working on building sites and eventually getting taken on as an apprentice surveyor.  while my Dad and brother intended to keep me in the family business and work for next to nothing while gaining no qualifications and being manipulated to do what they wanted work wise - no not for me and if I could spot it at that age it must have been bloody obvious.  My brother was always going to be the successor to my dad and the business but he also gained all of the nasty business practices that went with that.  Over the first few years away from my immediate family I pretty much learned what a ruthless team they were, so I'm very comfortable about stepping away from that part of life.

My brother is one of those people that smiles and talks well to get in with you, but once he is in he would dig, and latch on and then bleed you for anything he could, either in business, in life or often just for his own amusement.  Pretty toxic and unfortunately he isn't alone.

The conversation ended with a very curt "goodbye!" and I clicked the phone off and looked round to find my wife looking at me open mouthed and John just about to wet himself with laughter!

"What?" was al I could ask.

Master was the first to get himself together "Bloody hell Mick! if you can give someone that level of a bollocking and abuse when in a skirt and heels, what the hell are you like in normal work mode!"

I caught my reflection in the glass doors and he had a point, I was stood there in a short pleated skirt and a yellow blouse - with tan stockings, suspenders with my caged penis in its chastity. while wearing 4" heels.  Yea, all a bit of a contrast!  You couldn't help laugh when you look at it in that way.

So here I was stood in my kitchen with my Mistress Wife and her Boyfriend who cuckolds me while dressed in women's clothes while enjoying some wine, cider and some good food, so for those that think that we should embrace the vanilla rather than the FLR - no thanks.  My vanilla life was pretty crap thanks and the path to FLR was a learning experience but now that we are here it's a far better place and we like it here, in FLR land, and I'm damned if I want that spoiled by the old vanilla life crashing into it!

Life isn't just black and white, there is a whole spectrum of Grey and we - Madam Alice, Master John and Sissy billie - like it!

so the motto is - "ditch the toxic and embrace the FLR"  or as Madam once put it "Life is better in stockings, suspenders and heels" - she has a point!