Saturday, 25 May 2019

Taking the role of Nurse

Madam hasn't been particularly well over the last 2 weeks, thankfully she is on the mend and almost back to full strength now, but I've spent the last 2 weeks as her maid and nurse.

Alice had come back early from work not feeling well, she planned to do some work from home for a day or 2 until she felt better but after coming into her study with some tea and finding her in a right state it was a case of phoning for a doctors appointment.

Well the result was Alice being bedded down for a week, and me producing lots of soup for a poorly wife and Mistress.

John had popped over a few times through the week and spent the weekend with us as usual but it was a more a case of making sure that Alice was looked after.

Well by Tuesday she was out of bed and working back in her study but not ready to go back to work.  I'd say that she is back to full health but I think it will be a quiet weekend for us whill we all get back to normal.



  1. Wishing Alice a speedy recovery. Sounds nasty.


    1. Thanks Poppet,
      She is fully recovered and back to her usual self. The medication and some rest from work has done the trick.

      I knew she was back to her full health on Thursday when she carried out my weekly review - my spanking certainly indicated that she was back to strength.
      billie xxx