Friday, 21 June 2019

Fitted for a new girdle

Yesterday was an experience, a nerve wracking experience but not unpleasant.

I set off from home to go and do my drop off of the report that I had been commissioned to carry out and to return the documents the company had supplied.  I was dressed smartly, but as per Madam's instructions.

My blue shirt was actually a blouse, and the trousers were actually woman's with the zip at the side, I wore a tie as I usually do and I had my jacket to hand for when I go out the car at Dartford.  No socks allowed, so my stocking clad ankles might be seen above my brogues.  Underneath was a black waspie/ clincher, plain top black stockings, satin knickers and a black balcony bra.  pretty much what I normally wear under a suit when I go to a work meeting, the outer layer was just more feminine if you really look.

so by 10.30 I had dropped the paperwork off and was on my way to Romford and the butterflies were raging in my stomach.  with traffic and searching for the house I got there about 11.20.

Madam had made it clear that I was not to go in with my jacket, tie or brogues, so the tie was removed and I slipped off the shoes, to be replaced with the my 2" heels - I bloody hoped I had the right house or the occupier of this one was going to be in for a real surprise!!

I knocked on the door and it was opened by a small lady, probably in her late 50's.

"hello, I'm looking for Trisha..."

I was given the once over "Oh, you're billie, come in, come in." and I was ushered into the house and the living room.

The woman was Trisha, very friendly  and quite chatty.  she called for her husband to get some tea for us and we chatted about my sizes and what Alice has asked for on the phone.  A couple of girdles, some longline bra's and a corselette if she had one that fitted.  apparently the stock had been sold cheap because of either missing size labels or incorrect labels.

Her husband came in and was a real surprise, fully made up with make up, wig and dressed as a 50's house wife may have looked - wow!

I was introduced to Alison, Trisha's house husband - Alistair - They had both run a couple of stalls selling underwear, hosiery, socks and pants, steady work and with some of their wholesale work they had done alright but now having gotten on in life, they had sold up and now did a little bit of ebay sales to tick over.

It was quite relaxing sitting in a strangers living room , as a male in female clothing with this lady and her crossdressed husband just chatting about things.

With Tea finished it was time to get started I was taken through to what had been the garage but was now the work room.  the room had a sewing maching and a few boxes of items.  apparently most of the items would be sold onto other market traders but they kept a few bits for selling on ebay or for those that had bought from them before such as us.

"Ok dearie blouse and trousers off...."  while it was a request it was direct.  I stripped off and stood there in my lingerie and popped my heels back on.

"Your wife said that you wouldn't get aroused with this, Not that I'm worried about that, Alison does it the whole time, don't you!"

I told her that I was caged and that an errection wasn't going to happen, well it would be contained.

"well lets get on then."

Alison was opening some packages and laying them out, girdles, a selection of longline bras and 3 corselettes.

Trisha looked at me and asked me to take my bra and waspie off and I was passed the first bra - nope too small, swapped and the next was better and then removed and then the next one tried and that was better.  with that in place Trisha asked Alison to pass a set of foam inserts and these were then inserted into the bra cups to fill it out.  This told me that I wasn't the first crossdresser or sissy to have been here for a fitting.

Next was the girdle, she had two types - open bottom and panty girdle.  The panty girdles just didn't fit as they were too small or way too big, so Alison put them back into their wrappers and back into the box.  The open bottom girdles were far better and there was 3 that fitted just fine - 2 black and 1 white, so they were set to on side.

The bra and girdle were removed and I stood in my panties and sagging stockings and the first black corseletted passed and tried on.  now there is a knack to putting these on, step into the corseletted, cross your ankles and then pull it up and then wriggle into it. it didn't fit and was then shrugged back down to the floor.  the same with the other black one but the white one was just fine, stockings were then attached to the short suspenders clips and the foam inserts added.

"Nice, that suits you dearie, nice bit of shape and smooth out line, yes I think that's just right for you."

she was right, it did the job squeezing me and holding me just enough without being too uncomfortable.

The corseletted was wriggled off and added to the bras and girdles in the fitting pile.  I was asked which ones I wanted and I confirmed that I would take a black and white long line bra, all of the girdles and the white corseletted - £10 for each bra, £12 for the girdles and £20 for the corselette.  Not bad

Trisha told me to put my waspie and bra back on, and as I was treading the suspenders under my knickers and attaching to the stockings I was asked if I would show her the cage.

I lowered my knickers and both Trisha and Alison had a good look at my cage and constrained penis.

the questions started to flow.

how long do you wear it for ?
how do you wash with it on?
is it painful?
what happen when you get erect?
how big are you out of the cage?
how do you put it on?

The questions from Alison was quite interesting - do you get aroused?  does it give a sexual buzz or thrill?  can you cum in it?

I had to explain that yes I can cum while wearing it but it mainly comes from being anally used or stimulated. (and also elements of the humiliation and being dominated).  I'm sure at this point I was very red faced, I certainly felt embarrassed.

Trisha asked how we started with chastity and if there were different types of chastity.  I explained my journey and the types we had used.  by now I was still in my underwear but we had migrated back to the living room with a mug of tea each - quite surreal really.  sat in someone's front room in my underwear with a woman and her crossdressed husband discussing chastity over a cup of tea and a custard cream!!  that's not a normal day for most people!!!

The two seemed genuinely fascinated by the chastity and the FLR that Madam and I have, there was a real interest in perhaps trying a chastity device and that was from Alison, so we promised to keep in contact if he needed any advice or more information.

I got dressed with my blouse and trousers, collected my purchases and thanked my hosts for the pleasant visit and the stress free experience of trying on the girdles.  I was hugged by both Trisha and Alison and waved on my way.  it was a really nice experience, so much so that I forgot to change out of my shoes and drove all the way back home in my heels.

Madam was really please with the purchases and I was required to model them for her but she was more impressed with my whole experience of going and being fitted.

I have to admit despite my worry it was a lovely day and I really do have to thank Trisha and Alison for making it a stress free experience - Thank you!

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  1. Oh wow billie, what an amazing day you had. That must have been quite soethign to not only try things on in front of a stranger and her maid husband but then to also discuss chastity with them and show them your cage. i can only imagine it must have been both thrilling and terrifying but they sound like they were lovely people. Hats off to your Madam for requiring you to do this and thank you for sharing details of such a wonderful day.


    p.s. and kudos to Madam for getting you to do this in the first instance!

    p.p.s have you ever considered a smaller cage?