Sunday, 16 June 2019

Reviewing the Maid

From Madam Alice

It has been a normal weekend here at home in our little bit of England, it's June and the weather is rather unpredictable - all very british!  but undeterred we have stayed Calm and Carried on.

on Friday I arrived home from work and was met at the door by my lovely hubbie in his French Maids uniform, waiting at the door with a glass of wine and to be told that my bath was ready (this is a very well planned routine -  text message when leaving work, general known travel time home on a Friday etc, billie has it off pat, and hearing the gates gives billie time to go and pour a glass of wine and get to the door, bless him, he is good.)

I bath and dress ready for John to arrive and when he arrives billie show him in and we kiss and cuddle while billie waits.  I chose one of my Black Basques and Fully fashioned stockings and my 5" stilettoes and I know that it drives both of my boys wild. I could feel John getting excited and the look on billie told me that he was uncomfortable in his cage.

But, and it is a But! I want to see Billie's frustration.  we've changed his cage earlier this year to a open metal cage, and I love it, the way it is smaller that his modified CB-6000s, the way that it holds him tight - his penis/clit against his balls, and also the way the penis/clit is forced down in its constrained submission.

I could make him remove the maids uniform, but that strips away the uniform of the submissive husband, I like him in his uniform, I like the way that it adds to his submissive nature and the way that he fulfils the role of my maid,

No the uniform must stay, so what to do?

Well billie has now been tasked to find a suitable maids uniform for just these occasions, his current one comes mid thigh and will show his stockings, but I want something that shows stocking tops and suspenders and where possible so that se can catch a regular glimpse of his little package in it's cage.

I want him to have it for after our summer holiday, so he has until September to find it, order it and if necessary go and have it fitted - I want it to fit, be short and still be suitable as a sissy maid uniform.

John has added his requirements as well, he wants billie to get a matching set of panties for the uniform but with a rear zip opening, he got the idea from one of billies daily image finds.

So we shall see what my submissive husband comes up with.

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