Monday, 11 November 2019

I've been a very bad girl!

From Madam Alice:

I woke up on Saturday morning with a slightly mischievous plan forming in my head.  Billie had been in to bring me and John some tea and to check what and when we wanted Breakfast.  she was in full maid dress and her usual efficient self.

The plan for the day was to go into town to do a bit of shopping, I wanted a few things for going away with and also as neither I or john are big fans of Christmas Shopping the idea was to beat the crowds and get one or two presents.

So after an early lunch I went to get changed to go into town with John.  My maid attended on me as I dressed and with john down stairs reading the paper I put my wicked plan into motion.

I had billie fetch my leather mini skirt, sheer black blouse, one of my basques and stockings and lay them out on the bed while I stripped and did my make up.  I told billie to fetch my knee high black boots with the 3 inch stiletto heels and also to get my long black wool winter coat.

when she returned I had her help me put on the basque, stockings and the boots.  billie asked me what knickers I wanted and I told her I didn't need any as I planned to go Commando for the trip out.  billie bobbed a curtsey and said that John would be pleased.

I was then a little wicked with billie and teased her about the fact that John has such freedom with my sex, but if my maid knelt down and crawled to her Mistress I would let her have a taste of what she was missing.  Well I enjoyed Billie's very skilful tongue for about 5 minutes and then pushed her away - if I hadn't I would have used her to completion and we would have been late!  As it was she had go me just nice and ready for the rest of my afternoon out.

I told billie to go and inform John and I would be down in a couple of minutes and that he should start the car to have it warm for me getting in.  billie was also told to get my hat and wait by the door front door for me.  she bobbed another curtsey and of she scuttled.

I finished dressing, heard john pull the car round to the front of the house and headed down the stairs to find my dutiful sissy at the bottom waiting with my hat.  I took the hat placed on my head and adjusted the angle to suit  and kissed my billie on the cheek and told her to get on with her duties.  a playful slap of her bottom and I headed for the door and into the waiting car with John.

We chatted as we headed into town, John was after some toiletries for going away with and also to look for a couple of ideas for his daughters.  I wanted to look for a dress for when we went away and also a couple of multi pack panties either from Debenhams or M&S.

As we parked up and got out the car, I adjusted my coat and I took Johns arm and just as we started to walk to the shops on this cold wet afternoon, I whispered to John, that I didn't have any knickers on!

The look on John's face was a picture and then his retort was "why, didn't the maid lay any out for you? She's getting lax, I'll have to put her over my knee for that!"  we both laughed and made our way the first shop.

we visited a couple of clothes shops and I eventually found a shop that has a really nice dress and what I thought was a decent (cheap?) price. (I like good clothes but not at ridiculous high prices).  I asked if I could try it on and pooped into the changing room.  It was a lovely dress and fitted just fine, it didn't go with the boots but I wouldn't be wearing boots with it on our holiday.  I stepped out of the changing room booth and asked john's opinion and go a very enthusiastic thumbs up.  so back in and changed out of the dress, and adjusted myself and out to the counter to pay for the item.

with my main purchase sorted it was off to get the shower gels and shaving things that John wanted and then on to the little coffee shop that we occasionally go to.

I sat next to john on the padded bench seat in the café and as I sat there I undid the bottom button on my coat so that it opened a bit and showed my stocking clad legs, I crossed my legs and as john looked down he could see the welt at the top of my stockings, he rested his hand on my thigh and we drank our coffee and chatted like there was nothing unusual with my intimate display to him.

As he was about to finish his coffee I leaned into him and whispered in his ear

"I not wearing a blouse or skirt under this coat either!"

well he nearly spat his coffee out!

I opened the top button of my coat and allowed him to peek in and see that I was just in my basque and stockings.  (my wool coat with it's satin lining is vey good on a cold wet day.  Once he had an eyeful I buttoned my top button up again and smiled at him.

"Shall we go and finish our shopping?"  I'm sure he saw my very wicked grin!

while I was picking up a few more bits of shopping in M&S (I do like their soaps) I saw John on the phone and I managed to catch a small bit of him asking billie is she knew that I was out without a skirt and blouse!!

As we paid for the last of my purchases John whispered to me that I had been a bad girl and that I had tried to get billie into trouble, apparently my maid should have made sure that I was fully dressed before sending me out.  I told him it wasn't billies fault, I had put his selections back in the wardrobe, I just wanted to be a wicked tease to my boyfriend and anyone else that may have noticed, and I certainly noticed a few men and women that spotted my stocking tops as I strode out.

What billie had started with her tongue and the thrill of my exhibitionism had me particularly turned on right now.  I told john we needed to go home as I wanted to get home and get fucked by him.  I must admit it wasn't my quietest whisper!

when we got back to the car it was well on towards getting dark and as we left the main part of town heading out towards the country I undid all of the buttons and allowed the coat to open, turning off into one of the country roads heading for home I knew there was a layby about a mile from our house and I told john to pull into it and park.

I undid mine and his seat belt and told him to undo his trousers and get his cock out.  I was out of my coat now and leaning across and gave him a blowjob, I behaved like a wanton whore and I really was loving it!

I made John come in my mouth and I swallowed it like a good (bad) girl.  once John composed himself we headed the last mile or so to the house.  as we pulled in to the drive john stooped at the front door and billie was at the house door and opening it and I stepped out of the car just in my underwear and as I walked to the house told billie to get my coat from the car!

It felt trilling to be behaving in such a slutty and wicked way.  The looks on the faces of my two boys -my boyfriend and sissy husband - was an absolute delight!

Well John spanked me that evening for being a very bad girl and behaving like a tart.  billie was made to watch me get spanked and warned that next time she neglected her duties that she would join me in my punishment.

John then decided that since I had behave like a tart he was going to treat me like a tart and for the rest of the evening I was very thoroughly used.  at the end of the evening I was very tired but I still had my rather pleased but wicked smile!

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  1. Mistress Alice - what a wonderful shopping trip you had! Will you be sendign billie to Tesco's or Waitrose similalrly (un)attired?